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Shortcut Romeo

News Helpline | June, 21 2013

Shortcut Romeo Cast & Crew:


Susi Ganesh Productions

Release Date

21 Jun 2013


Romance, Thriller


Manjari Susi Ganesh


Susi Ganesh

Star Cast

Neil Nitin Mukesh,
Ameesha Patel,
Puja Gupta,
Rajesh Shringapure,
Jatin Grewal,
Errol Marks,
Meherzan Mazda,
Vrajesh Hirjee,
Ashutosh Kaushik,
Himesh Reshammiya.

Executive Producer

Sanjay Singh


Raju Khan, Vishnudeva

Media Relations

Parull Gossain

Publicity Designs



Music Director

Himesh Reshammiya




Himesh Reshammiya,
Mohit Chauhan,
Vineet Singh,
Ash King,
Mika Singh,
Aman Trikha.


N.K. Ekambaram


Dilip Deo, Hardik Singh Reen.


Silva, Kanal Kannan


Susi Ganesh



Leslie Fernandes

Music Company


Mehul Thakkar Rocky S


Sameer, Shabbir Ahmed, Sanjay Masoom, Manoj Yadav.

Production Designers

Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : Timepass Suspense Thriller

After a long time, Ameesha Patel is back in demand thanks to her recent superhit film ‘Race 2’. She has managed to bag some decent films and ‘Shortcut Romeo’ is one of the good ones. Starring the handsome Neil Nitin Mukesh and Puja Gupta, this crime thriller is a remake of a Tamil film titled ‘Thiruttu Payale’. Susi Ganesan, who handled the Tamil version, also directs the Hindi remake which has music by Himesh Reshamiyya. ‘Shortcut Romeo’ has finally hit the screens today and so let’s read on to see how it enfolds.


Suraj (Neil Nitin Mukesh) is a good for nothing young man living in Goa who keeps throwing his weight around his family with his violent attitude. Depressed and frustrated with his behavior, his family packs him off to his uncle’s house in Mumbai. Once he lands in Mumbai, Suraj chances upon a couple indulging in love making and he shoots the entire episode on a video camera.

He promptly proceeds to start blackmailing the couple who are Monica (Ameesha Patel) and Ashish (Jatin Garewal). Despite Monica’s offering large sums of money for the tape, Suraj refuses to part with it. Given his endless needs and greed, he demands an assurance from Monica that she will pay for his luxurious lifestyle throughout his life. Monica succumbs to the blackmail and agrees to this option as she has no choice. Suraj soon leaves for his holiday in Kenya and as days pass, Monica at every stage tries to outsmart Suraj which results in a cat and mouse game between them.

During his stay in Kenya, Suraj meets Sherry (Puja Gupta), a rich but lonely girl, and falls in love with her. That’s when he begins to realize that there is so much more being planned behind his back. How does Suraj tackle his enemies and find his love and more importantly does Monica free herself from the clutches of Suraj? That’s what the rest of ‘Shortcut Romeo’ is all about.

Positive Points:-

Though a remake, this film has been well adapted to Bollywood sensibilities. ‘Shortcut Romeo’ manages to surprise you quite a few times during the entire course of the movie. Neil Nitin Mukesh is at his best when it comes to dark roles and his look, dialogue delivery and the way he has approached the role is quite interesting.

Ameesha Patel gets a plum role and delivers a very good performance. She not only portrays varied emotions of her character but takes care not to make it look vulgar. Puja Gupta, recently seen in ‘Go Goa Gone’, is the find of the movie as she not only looks good but also acts well. Some of the twists and turns that are showcased are executed smoothly.

The first half hour of the movie is very interesting and the cat and mouse games between Neil and Ameesha Patel have been designed well.

Negative Points:-

The songs are a big minus for this movie. The film would have been a lot crisper if the makers could have omitted the songs. The entire Kenya episode is stretched too far and many of the scenes could have been omitted. Some logic is missing in the movie while cinematic liberties have been taken in abundance.

The film is stretched way too much and the second half takes forever to finish. Neil’s childhood scenes are a big letdown and could have been easily chopped off. Also, Neil’s love track with Puja lacks justification and is unbelievable at times. The last 20 minutes becomes highly predictable with many unnecessary fight sequences spoiling the fun.

Technical Points:-

As mentioned above, the director could have done away with the songs. Surprisingly, none of the songs composed by Himesh Reshamiyya are worth a listen. They are bad and only hamper the breezy flow of the movie. The dialogues are just about OK and so is the editing.

The screenplay of the movie is average as many scenes are misplaced. The action sequences are showcased decently and highlight Neil’s action image. Susi Ganesan’s direction is good as he makes a film with smaller stars look decently convincing. Though he has a very simple story line, he makes the film interesting with its unexpected twists and turns.

Shortcut Romeo is a Indian romantic crime thriller film to be directed and produced by Susi Ganeshan, under the banner of Susi Ganesh Productions. It is the Hindi remake of the directors own Tamil film Thiruttu Payale (2006), starring Neil Nitin Mukesh in the title role with Puja Gupta as his love interest and Ameesha Patel in a negative character. The film was released on 21 June 2013.

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