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Satyameva Jayate

Sanyukta Thakare | August, 15 2018

Satyameva Jayate Cast & Crew:


Release Date

15 Aug 2018




Milap Milan Zaveri

Star Cast

John Abraham
Manoj Bajpayee
Amruta Khanvilkar
Aisha Sharma

Executive Producer


Media Relations

Publicity Designs



Music Director









Music Company



Production Designers

Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : A predictable revenge drama that fails to impress anyone

The Milap Milan Zaveri directorial is a revenge story we have been seeing since childhood. The film has all the twists and turns you would expect from it. What you wouldn't expect is all the characters to talk like they are standing in front of a camera ready to shoot in a film. Like they can rhyme every dialogue they have and take a few hundred takes until the perfect line. 

Satyameva Jayate stars Veer- John Abraham as the hero who is a criminal and a painter, Aisha Sharma as Shikha who is a vet for no reason and Manoj Bajyapee who is the honest cop and the brother.
The film starts with John dragging an unconscious cop and burning him alive. The punishment for his corrupt crimes, that's what the actor does throughout the movie. He reaches at the right moment when someone is assaulted, harassed or getting killed by a cop. Then the only thing remaining to do is burn the guy in the name of cleaning the city of all corrupt policemen. 
John has created the perfect psycho in this film, one minute he is flaunting in dimple and other he is manipulating a man into killing 12 policemen. Aisha at the other end has no role in the film, none, she plays the role of the daughter of the villain who doesn't even care about her. The film would have done just fine without her and the additional romance storyline. The film's saving grace is its comic relief, which can be counted as every other dialogue. It keeps the audience in its seat even when they want to leave. 
The second half of the film drags the story forward with a backstory flashback justifying John's actions and then takes his sweet time to reach the final villain. Till the end, the story is predictable and does not generate even a shred of empathy for any characters. 
The suspense thriller is a revenge story about Veer who wants to rid Mumbai police force of its corrupt cadets. 

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