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Jannat 2

News Helpline | May, 04 2012

Jannat 2 Cast & Crew:


Fox Star Studios and Vishesh Films

Release Date

04 May 2012




Mahesh Bhatt


Kunal Deshmukh

Star Cast

Emraan Hashmi,
Randeep Hooda,
Prachi Desai,
Esha Gupta and
Imran Zahid.

Executive Producer

Kumkum Saigal



Media Relations


Publicity Designs




Music Director

Pritam Chakraborty




Shafqat Amanat Ali,
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan,
K K,
Mohit Chauhan,
Nikhil D Souza,
Javed Ali,
Anupam Amod.


Bobby Singh


Devendra Murdeshwar


Javed Eijaz






Music Company


Rick Roy


Sayeed Quadri,Sanjay Masoom, Mayur Puri

Production Designers

Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : A ride to hell!

Small time Crook falls in love again. He chooses love over Illegal business. This was the story of way back 2008 JANNAT. 2012, Bhatt with it blue eye boy Emraan Hashmi comes back with JANNAT sequel Jannat2. The fact the Bhatt campaign makes a killer combination with lover boy Emraan millions of eyes are awaited to watch will this killer combination work out once again with, their latest offering Jannat 2.

As per the story is concerned it frames the same old story from Jannat. Revolving around Delhi, the lead character Emraan Hashmi’s character has been named innovatively Sonu dilli. Sonu is a witty street crook who wants to make fast cash to live a lavish life. He wants to fulfill all his cheap lusty desires. For which he turns to be an illegal arms and ammunition supplier. He call it as KKC (kutti kamini cheez) but uses it to live life king size. Things suddenly start changing when he falls in love with Jhanvi (Esha Gupt). Jhanvi is a doctor at a charitable hospital. Sonu makes his mind and Quits his illegal job and be a better man for his love. Here the first half completes All is well when it ends well. But the twist in tale is yet to begin. Enters ACP Pratap Raghuvanshi (Randeep Hooda), A tall, dark hunk. He wants to break the illegal supply of arms racket. He blackmails Sonu (Emraan) to help him else be prepared to face Jhanvi with his past criminal records.  Pretty much caught in his trap between the good and the evil, where would sonu land up finally?

Caught between his business and life is the rest of the story.

A Bhatt campaign story revolves around the same story board has nothing innovative. Where the film succeeds to grab your attention is in handling of its crime-drama. The theme of engaged illegal racket drawn from its earlier sequel is a drawback. unlike the predecessor Jannat and  more recent Blood Money where the backdrops (match fixing, diamond smuggling) were plotted childishly and to customized convenience, here the setting is not as immature and the drama is explored more eventfully by director Kunal Deshmukh.

As far as the direction goes Kunal Deshmuk’s hardwork is seen apparently in the action scenes. Emraan is ever charming. His catchy lines and same old style of pick up romantic lines graces the romance on screen. Romantic scenes somewhere reminded me of old school romance.   Love at first sight, the clumsiness and the same touch me but don’t touch me act, is pretty sick.  What came out as surprising element was Raandeep Hooda’s performance. He was absolutely dashing and hearth throbbed. He was convincing in his role and seen slipped into the skin of the character. Emraan Hashmi did not overshadow his performance with that of Randeep Hooda. Both were perfectly balanced. The loin hot factor of the movie could be Esha Gupt who was well promoted as India’s Angelina Joli.  Manish and Vijendra fit the supporting bill just fine.

The savior factor of the movie is its soundtrack. It’s a mix blend of soft romantic music.

My verdict

When it comes to Bhatt campaign movie the best part is always its music and Emraan. This time emraan is overtaken by Randeep Hooda as far as the performance goes. The theme is same, dragged exactly from Jannat to Jannat 2. Where the preference gores Jannat would be preferred over Jannat 2. Only diehard fans of Emraan would walk in for the movie. Rest the Box office would be cool for Jannat 2. As far as the rating goes I give it a 2 star.   

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