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Happy New Year

News Helpline | January, 06 2014

Happy New Year Cast & Crew:


Red Chillies Entertainment

Release Date

24 Oct 2014




Shahrukh Khan, Gauri Khan


Farah Khan

Star Cast

Shahrukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Sonu Sood, Boman Irani, Vivaan Shah, Jackie Shroff, Kareena Kapoor.... Special Appearance

Executive Producer


Farah Khan

Media Relations

Publicity Designs



Music Director

Anu Malik, Visghal Shekhar





Manush Nandan


Anand Subaya





Music Company

T Series


Manish Malhotra


Production Designers

Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : Happy New Year has everything good for businesswise but it's extremely low on content. ______________________________________________

This Diwali week, the film-lovers are going to witness a big opener i.e. Farah Khan’s directional venture Happy New Year, which is one of the most hyped and most buzzed films of the year. The film is a third team-up of Farah with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan after successful films like ‘Om Shanti Om’ and ‘Main Hoon Na’. It also stars Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood, Vivaan Shah and Jackie Shroff with Anupam Kher in Cameo Role. So let’s see how the magic SRK stardom has worked over an ordinary plot with maximum commercialized tactics of music, sets and dance.

Story :-

The story is about six people from diverse background but one thing they consider themselves in common is being Loser. They together to perform one of the biggest and unusual heist which is executed via a dance competition and Mohini Joshi (Deepika Padukone) trains them in dancing but she herself is very bad in English. Charlie (Shahrukh Khan) brings Nandu Bhide (Abhishek Bachchan), Jag/Jagmohan Prakash (Sonu Sood), Temthon Irani (Boman Irani) and Rohan Singh (Vivaan Shah) together for the mission in order to settle his own account with Charan Grover (Jackie Shroff). But the plot doesn’t end here, an unexpected turns of events leads the gang which goes beyond the heist and restore pride of 'Indiawaale'  which further forms the rest of the plot.

Positive Points :-

The cinematic experience of the film is quite high, when it comes to sets location and visual effects; there is not a single frame where you find that this is not a SRK’s extravaganza type film, where you find things larger than life. The style statement of the film is up-do-the mark, from SRK to Sonu Sood, each of them has marked their own image through good costumed and dressing. There are few portions in the film which you will find quite funny. SRK’s Six are flaunting in a good way and will give you a worth of watching an actor who hardly shows his skin. As far acting is concerned, the superstar has lived up to expectation for his fans. Deepika has also given a good sweat to her character, while Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah are average. Surprisingly Abhishek have lived up his comic tactics after his ‘Bol Bachchan’ and even Boman Irani does a good Justice in his own space.  

Negative Points :-

The film is quite low on content; the story is far more predictable and usual in approach,  being a heist-comedy , Farah has at least maintain a good decorum in execution since her last debacle ‘Tees Maar Khan’ which also had same genre. The dance competition is film is more like a fancy dress competition. The film doesn’t give just justice to its tag of ‘Musical heist’ as the their only two songs (Lovely and India Wale) which you can find yourself grooving as other are quite missing a worth. Talking about the main theme of the film i.e. Heist – the film again falls backs in creating a Gripping and thrilling element, for a moment things gets so predictable that you are convinced that the protagonist is going to win. The length of the film is also one small drawback.

Overall Verdict :-

Well, the film is obviously meant for a mass Indian audience who are looking for some SRK style entry, dance, romance and climax. The ‘Logic’ and ‘Brains’ are two things you need to keep at home, while you in theater watching this film.

The film is perfect booster for the family entertainment during this going festive season. A one-time watch!  

‘Happy New Year’ is the film meant for SRK die-hard fans, for the audience who are looking for something light entertainer with music, dance and complete style executions and also for those who hasn’t  seen the beauty of Dubai as it best.
Happy New Year is a 2014 Bollywood action comedy drama film directed by Farah Khan and produced by Gauri Khan under the banner of Red Chillies Entertainment. The film has an ensemble cast which includes Deepika Padukone and Shahrukh Khan in the leads with supporting roles by Abhishek BachchanBoman Irani,Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah

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