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News Helpline | January, 16 2014

Commando Cast & Crew:


Reliance Entertainment, Sunshine Pictures Pvt. Ltd

Release Date

12 Apr 2013




Vipul Shah


Dilip Ghosh

Star Cast

Vidyut Jamwal,
Pooja Chopra,
Jaideep Ahlawat,
Darshan Jariwala,
Sukhwinder Chahal,
Jagat Rawat,
Bhagwan Tiwari,
Dimple Bagroy,
Barinder Kaur,
Nathalia Kaur,

Executive Producer

Aashin A Shah


Ganesh Acharya

Media Relations

Publicity Designs

Rahul Nanda, Himanshu Nanda




Music Director

Mannan Shaah




Daler Mehndi
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan,
Sunidhi Chauhan,
Dhruv Sangari,



Amitabh Shukla


Kaushal, Moses




Parikshit Lalwani, Kunal Mehta

Music Company




Mayur Puri

Production Designers

Sanjay Bali
Captain Karanvir Dogra, a commando with 9 Para Commandoes of the Indian Army crashes into the Chinese side. Karan is not able to convince the Chinese of his bonafides as they don't find any wreckage. They feel they can brand him a spy and use this excuse to embarrass the Indian Government. The Indian Government feels that under these circumstances, the Chinese will not accept any proof of Karan having crashed during a routine training so they erase Karan's army record and simply deny his existence.

Karan escapes from the Chinese side before he can be sentenced and crosses into Himachal Pradesh at the Lepcha border and travels through Kinnaur to reach his base at Pathankot. As Karan crosses the Himachal - Punjab border, he runs into a girl, Simrit who is escaping from Amrit Kanwal Singh's goons. Amrit Kanwal Singh (a notorious character) wants to marry Simrit for political gains as marriage will lend him some respectability. Karanvir warns the goons to let go off her but they don't listen and bear the brunt of his pent up anger. Simrit far from being pleased tells Karan that he has created more trouble for her and now he must escort her till she feels safe. Amrit Kanwal waylays them on the Andheria Bridge. Finding himself outnumbered Karanvir jumps off the bridge with Simrit into a fast flowing river which carries them into a forest. Karanvir hears Simrit's story and promises to help her. He decides to stick to the jungle route and then get out of it once they feel that the heat on Simrit from Amrit Kanwal Singh and his men has died down. Amrit Kanwal Singh on the other hand decides to pursue them.

Now begins a cat and mouse game between Amrit Kanwal, his men and Karan in the forest. Will Karan rise to the occasion and save Simrit and all the people living under a reign of terror unleashed by Amrit Kanwal and his men or will AK74 as Amrit Kanwal is known in the area continue to let lose his reign of terror.

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