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News Helpline | March, 01 2015

Badmashiyaan Cast & Crew:


VRG Motion Pictures

Release Date

06 Mar 2015


Romantic, Comedy


Vijay Gutte


Amit Khanna

Star Cast

Suzanna Mukherjee
Sidhant Gupta
Karan Mehra
Sharib Hashmi
Gunjan Malhotra

Executive Producer

Ashish Chauhan


Seema Desai

Media Relations

Parull Gossain

Publicity Designs



Music Director





Ankit Tiwari
Mohit Chauhan
Mika Singh
Jaspreet Jasz
Shilpa Rao
Anupam Amod
DJ Kiran


Vinod Perumal


Rahul Bhatankar


Suniel Rodrigues




Shankar Singh

Music Company

Zee Music Company




Shabbir Ahmed

Production Designers

Prashant Rane

Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : Watch it on your own risk

The story revolves around a con woman from Chandigarh, who cheats her lovers and plans to rob them. Many love stories flying all over the movie. First half is absolute drag, with only few rare funny and intelligent moments. Second half is an even bigger drag, audience find hope in Sharib Hashmi but he too shines bright and dies quickly.  Film is senseless and lacks most basic elements. Karan Mehra playing the detective impresses everyone. Colossal mess of movie, which is named Badmashiyaan, watch it on your own risk.
Debutant director Amit Khanna obviously missed the mark by a mile, or more so, novel style of narration of comic-con-romantic movie, is a bold move, but this time, fatal. Fun Never Ends-Badmashiyaan, well you wait for a long time, before you realize the joke is on you and amazingly it is a paid joke.
Allegedly funny, but unfortunately immature and painfully boring movie. One wonders ‘what the hell is happening?’
Positive Points:-

There are intelligent moments in the movie. Con is not easy to portray but to be fair, film does deliver at moments. Sharib Hashmi and Karan Mehta hold the fort, while others are zoned out. There are good one-liners in the movie. Camera work is okay, if not bad. A non-linear structure where audiences explore incidents through the eyes of different characters is refreshing.
Negative Points:-

Badmashiyaan’s story line is weak. Screen play is scattered. Music and background score is loud and mismatched. Movie is for late afternoon watch, when you’re bored, not for silver screen. Characters explode on screen with bundle of energy, bubbling laughter and enthusiasm, which is so misguided that rather than making you laugh, it makes you wonder, what the hell?

Technical Points:

A regular run of the mill tricks. Nothing new or special or even fancy. Camera work, editing, lighting is okay, nothing so great. Movie would have been much better if editing was more edgy and crisp because length and content of movie that come across drag.

Badmashiyaan is an upcoming romantic Indian film. Café owner Dev’s girlfriend Na-ri left him the night he meant to propose to her. Months later, he meets Palak, a young woman living next door, during a bank hold-up. Dev’s friend Pinkesh, a private investigator, has been trying to track down Na-ri for him. He finds that she is living with Don Jassi, a reformed gangster

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