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Sanyukta Thakare | August, 24 2018

Alpha Cast & Crew:


Release Date

01 Jan 0001




Albert Hughes

Star Cast

Kodi Smit-McPhee

Executive Producer


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Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : Keda and Alpha are Hiccup and toothless

Alpha is the discovery of man's best friend. The film is directed by Albert Hughes one of the Hughes brothers who are known for The Book of Eli. The film is filled with outstanding landscapes and night skies that make you despise your city. The film starts with the inticing incident when Keda falls off the cliff that carries the story forward. 

There are no surprises here, you get what you have been promised. After Keda survives the fall thanks to natures help he is felt injured with one crippled leg. He is then chased by hyenas wolves and threatened by hunger and thirst. Most of the time he survives by climbing a single short tree where the wolves can't reach. The actual story begins when Keda is being attacked by the wolves and the boy who refuses to kill animals attacks the wolf for his own safety. 

The humble creature that he is, Keda nurses his attacker wolf back to health and their journey back home begins. 

The film's background source is no enticing and compelling it tells the story itself. With great visual backdrop to work with the makers take full advantage of it. Since the story represents mankind's time in early ages nature plays a very important part.
It does raise some question on the timeline. After the first scene, the story goes back in time for a week. We are shown the journey they take before Keda falls off. Keda's father who is the Chief of the tribe takes them on the journey as soon as the season comes, after winter, and when Keda starts to journey back home again it is blazing snowstorms. Since time was barely a concept I think we'd have to let this one slide. It did make for a great visual treat. 

Kodi Smit-McPhee as Keda and the boy who rules from his heart brings the character to life. With a language, you do not speak and a co-actor you do not understand he still connects with the audience. You can see him change as his health deteriorates in the harsh conditions. Not just Keda but even Alpha the wolf. 
Since it wasn't easy to understand the passage of time which is vast, it becomes hard to see the quick transformations in Alpha. The wild wolf seems to quickly turn into a domesticated dog after generations of training. But watching Alpha itself was a feast. 
It keeps you engaged until the last moment they are home and safe. 

Young Keda tries to survive alone in the wilderness after he's left for dead during his first hunt with his Cro-Magnon tribe. He soon forms an unlikely alliance with a lone wolf that was abandoned by its pack. Facing overwhelming odds and nonstop danger, Keda and the wolf must now trek through a harsh and unforgiving landscape to make it home before winter.

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