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News Helpline | September, 27 2013

Warning Cast & Crew:


Eros International, Alumbra Entertainment, Benaras Media Works.

Release Date

27 Sep 2013


Thriller, 3D


Anubhav Sinha, Parag Sanghavi, Sunil A Lulla


Gurmmeet Singh

Star Cast

Santosh Barmola,
Suzana Rodrigues,
Manjari Fadnis,
Varun Sharma,
Jitin Gulati,
Sumit Suri,
Madhurima Tuli.

Executive Producer

Mandar Dalvi


Rajeev Surti

Media Relations

Publicity Designs



Music Director

Meet Bros, Anjan Ankit, Sharib Sabri Toshi Sabri, John Stewart






Franz Pagot


Cheragh Todiwala


Dave Judge


Tejpal Singh, Rawat Rajesh Chawla



Resul Pookutty

Music Company




Production Designers

Warning is a Thriller 3D film directed by Gurmmeet Singh and produced by Anubhav Sinha and Jitendra Jain. The film was released on September 27, 2013. The film features Santosh Barmola, Suzana Rodrigues and Manjiri Fadnis as main characters.

Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : I am going with 2 on 5 and recommend that Its better wait for the movie CD's version to release and watch it at home

Review of Film Warning

‘Warning’, India’s first ever 3D underwater film which has been directed by Gurmmeet Singh hits the theatres today. ‘Warning’ stars some new and old faces including Santosh Barmola, Suzana Rodrigues, Varun Sharma (of Fukrey fame), Manjari Phadnis, Jitin Gulati, Sumit Suri and Madhurima Tuli. Gurmmeet straight lift the warning from Hans Horns popular adventure flick Open Water 2 which was released in 2006.


The movie starts off with a group of four school friends going over to the beautiful island nation of Fiji to meet their fifth friend (Santosh Barmola) who is also the captain of a yacht. On landing in the Fiji islands, the group decides to go on an ocean voyage on Santosh’s Yacht.

The group of five friends is accompanied by Sabrina’s (Manjari Phadnis) husband and their baby daughter. After having a good time on the yacht, they decide to go on a swim in the beautiful ocean waters.

Everything goes as planned until they realize that they have forgotten to lower the yacht ladder that will get them back on board the yacht and they also realize that the baby is left alone on the yacht.

With the baby still on board the yacht and this group stranded in the water, questions like will the group manage to get back on the yacht or will they end up as fodder for the flesh-eating predator is what the rest of ‘Warning’ is all about.

Positive Points:-

Speaking of performances, Manjari Phadnis is the best of the acting team. She manages to engage the audiences with her amazing performance. Apart from her, Santosh Barmola has done a decent job while Varun Sharma is good at bringing in a few comic elements in the film.

Acting apart, a sufficient amount of skin show may also keep the audiences engaged. Another positive aspect of the film are the thrills which are quite decent.

Negative Points:-

The songs are good but they are placed in all the wrong places in the screenplay and they end up slowing the pace of the movie in the second half. While the first half has enough thrills to keep the audiences hooked to the proceedings, the second half is plain tedious. The romance showcased between the couples is unnecessary and unconvincing.

Varun portrays a similar kind of character as he played in his previous outing. The talented actor has not been given enough space to show his skills while the rest of the newcomers are not upto the mark. In fact, the movie is a poor spoof of the popular Hollywood adventure Open Water 2.

Technical points:-

Considering that ‘Warning is director Gurmeet’s debut venture, one can say that he has done a decent job. The movie brings in a fresh new concept which has never been tried earlier in Bollywood.

The most disappointing aspect of the film are the 3D effects. Even though the movie starts off by showing some scenes which look good in the format, but as the film progresses, one feels like removing the 3D glares due to the nauseous feeling that it creates.

The magnificent locales of Fiji act as a plus to the flick. Although the cinematography is good, the screenplay lacks substance in the second half. The movie gets boring by the end and the predictable climax is a disappointment.


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