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Satya 2

News Helpline | November, 08 2013

Satya 2 Cast & Crew:


Mammoth Media And Entertainment Pvt Ltd,LR Media

Release Date

08 Nov 2013


Action, Thriller


M. Sumanth Kumar Reddy, Dr. Arun Kumar Sharma


Ram Gopal Varma

Star Cast

Punit Singh Ratn,
Anaika Soti,
Mahesh Thakur,
Aradhna Gupta,
Raj Premi,
Amal Sehrawat.,
Kaushal Kapoor.,,

Executive Producer

Meenakshi Pandey, Vijay Chhabra


Shabeena Khan

Media Relations

Publicity Designs



Music Director

Sanjeev Rathod,Darshan Rathod,Nitin Raikwar,Shree D,Kary Arora




Leonard Victor,
Shweta Pandit,
Payel Aditiya Dev,
Sanjeev Rathod,
Darshan Rathod,
Argha Banerjee,
Rishi Singh,
Tishika Jain,
Hricha Narayan,
Jolly Mukherjee,
Sonny Ravan,
Shree D,
Mohd Irfan,
Arsalaan Akhoon,
Kary Arora..


Vikash Saraf


Jerin Jose, Prathap


Javed Eijaz




Vikram Biswas

Music Company


Sacorina Joseph


Kumaar,Nitin Raikwar,Moid Elhaam,Sonny Ravan,Shree D,Kary Arora

Production Designers

Satya 2 is an Bollywood crime film with production design by Saini S. Johray,Directed by Ram Gopal Varma, as a sequel to his earlier blockbuster Satya.The film stars Puneet Singh Ratn, Anaika Soti, Aradhna Gupta,Mahesh Thakur and others.  The film tells the story of Satya, an immigrant who comes to Mumbai aiming to refashion the mumbai underworld.The film also released in Telugu language with Sharwanand as the main protagonist.



Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : Intense and different, can be watched once

Ram Gopal Varma has been going through a dull phase as none of his recent films have clicked at the box office. But that hasn’t stopped this maverick director from churning out films one after the other. He is now back with yet another gangster flick titled ‘Satya 2′ . Starring Puneet Singh Ratn and Anaika Soti, ‘Satya 2′ has hit the screens today. Let us see how it is.


Satya(Puneet Singh ) arrives in Mumbai with only one intention and that is to grow big and powerful. He starts his life by working for a construction company, which is headed by a very rich businessman named Lahoti (Mahesh Thakur). Lahoti and his friends have links with gangsters and use them to strike against enemies. During one particularly tough situation, Satya steps in and salvages a precious deal by executing a brilliant hit against Lahoti’s enemies.

Impressed by his tactics, Satya is given much importance in the gang. Slowly but steadily, Satya becomes the head of the gang and starts making a name for himself in the underworld. He sets up a criminal organisation and calls it the ‘company’. This ‘company’ starts becoming a parallel power centre and the government is hell bent on taking it out.

Police officials who try to track down company members are ruthlessly murdered. Out of desperation, the Police Department brings a veteran cop out of retirement to tackle this menace. Will he succeed? Who is Satya? This is what Satya 2 is all about.

Positive Points:-

When compared to some of RGV’s recent duds, Satya 2 is definitely better. Puneet Singh looks apt as Satya and has the required intensity. However, he needs to improve his acting skills fast. Mahesh Thakur is good as the rich businessman named Lahoti.

The first half of the movie has some gripping sequences. Some of the crime scenes have been conceived well. For about 20 minutes before the interval, the film is really very good and one gets to see glimpses of a vintage Ram Gopal Varma.

Nagetive Points:-

The story of the film is quite old and familiar. The intensity and suspense of the first half could not be maintained throughout the film. After a gripping pre-interval episode, the hopes and expectations of viewers will rise. But the second half lets everyone down.

None of the songs work and they simply act as roadblocks. The pace of the film could have been better in the second half. Chemistry between Puneet and Anaika Soti is virtually non-existent

Another big issue with the film is the lack of star power. Except for one or two known faces, viewers will find it hard to identify the rest of the actors. Anaika Soti is an eyesore and her performance is quite bad.

Technical Aspects:-

As in all RGV films, technical values are decent. Luckily, RGV does not experiment too much with mad camera angles this time. The ‘eagle camera’ has been used well. The aerial shots of Mumbai look quite good.

Dialogues are pretty decent. Background score by Amar Mohile is ok but the songs are very average.

RGV’s direction is mediocre. Though he creates a lot of curiosity in the first half, he loses it with a predictable and stale second half.

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