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Pari: Not a Horror-tale

Sanyukta Thakare | March, 02 2018

Pari: Not a Horror-tale Cast & Crew:


Clean Slate Films KriArj Entertainment KYTA Productions

Release Date

02 Mar 2018



Anushka Sharma Karnesh Sharma


Prosit Roy

Star Cast

Anushka Sharma ...
Parambrata Chatterjee ...

Executive Producer


Media Relations

Publicity Designs



Music Director










Music Company



Production Designers

Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : It is a great attempt, for Anushka's bold move. 

Thought the above plot suggests it to be a typical love story it isn't one, nor it's it horror even though the predictable jump scares give you a mini attack. I had one too, but just the first time even though I knew it was coming. Once I got used to their tactics it failed to surprise me. 
Moving on what I loved about the movie is They way Anushka has portrayed the lead character Rukhsana. The way she moves, eats, blows on the chai before drinking it, stuffs biscuits in her mouth, those little things show much thought has been put into the character and the film. It isn't just Anushka but Rajat Kapoor with his appearance and expressions as the character goes dark and also Bengali actress Ritabhari Chakraborty who shows her acting skills after being tossed around a few times by Rukhsana. 

Talking about the genre, the movie does not fit the horror genre because it has a few jump scares and rotten faces. The story is much more than just sound effects and makeup skills and VFX. As for me, the Movies fits perfectly in the Physiological- Drama genre. Clean Slate has made a bold move to bring forth a film like this and it would have been a bigger leap if they had the guts to name it as Physiological- Drama, it could have probably opened a gate to an uncharted genre in the Indian Film industry. But all in good times ye?

I would have loved it even more if the film has focused on Rukshana's feeling and character development. Every single character had a story to let and all did in a subtle and continuous manner, which worked wonders in places and some maybe not. Pari has an amazing sense of humor, ever single bit intended will make you laugh which is another reason why this movie works out so good together. 
There are scenes in the film which will make you flinch and feel uneasy also, and is not typical horror. The screenplay and the flow of the story are particularly interesting, it feeds you information bit by bit and not with haunting and flashbacks but with the story's flow. typically the research cliche that happens, in the beginning, takes place long after the interval, and that changes the story pace.  

Thought the movie keeps you engaged, leaves no questions answered, and makes you feel almost all emotions it also makes you feel confused a little at the end. Because you went in for a full-fledged horror and came out feeling sorry for the supernatural creature. 
Overall, apart from the genre setback, I enjoyed the film and anyone who wants to widen their horizon as a movie fanatic should watch this film, and if not, you will at least enjoy the jump scares. 

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