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Mumbai Mirror

News Helpline | January, 18 2013

Mumbai Mirror Cast & Crew:


Viiking Media & Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Release Date

18 Jan 2013


Crime, Thriller


Raina Sachiin Joshi


Ankush Bhatt

Star Cast

Sachiin Joshi,
Gihani Khan,
Prakash Raj,
Vimala Raman,
Prashant Narayanan,
Aditya Pancholi,
Mahesh Manjrekar,
Rajendra Chawla.

Executive Producer


Chinni Prakash, Rekha Chinni Prakash

Media Relations

Publicity Designs



Music Director

Anand Raj Anand, Amjad Nadeem











Music Company



Shabbir Ahmed, Naveen Tyagi, Satya Prakash

Production Designers

Mumbai Mirror is a 2013 Indian Hindi film directed by Ankush Bhatt starring Sachin J Joshi,Prakash Raj,Gihana Khan,Vimla Raman,Aditya Pancholi,Mahesh Manjrekar,Raja Bherwani and Prashant Narayanan. The movie exposes the nexus between powerful, corrupt dance bar owners and the Mumbai police.


Mumbai Mirror is a cop-drama which revolves around the protagonist Abhijeet Patil (Sachiin Jjoshi), a police officer who breaks every possible stereo type of a police officer. Being a cop in this big-bad city Mumbai can be quite some task. Mumbai, contrary to the other parts of the country, works on its own unique little philosophy. People here are highly ambitious and will do anything to make their dreams come true. Everybody who comes here, starts running for an unknown race, and each one aspires to win it. This film predominantly captures this struggle for the survival of the fittest. Mumbai Mirror released on January 18, 2013. 

Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : MUMBAI MIRROR is for those who relish masala movies.

Sachin Joshi, who made his movie debut with the controversial film Azaan, is now back with his latest offering Mumbai Mirror. But this time also he lost it all. Azaan was a controversial film where as Abhijit Patil (Sachin Joshi) in Mumbai Mirror is a controversial character. A cop who does all bad things like betting, drinking, sleeping with a prostitute etc and stops other people from doing it. It seems that director Ankush Bhatt who made quiet OK film like Bhindi Bazaar as a debut director could not handle this film. Though Mumbai Mirror is straight away lifted from 1997 Hollywood film L.A. Confidential, is not able justify itself as a film. Writer Ghalib Asad Bhopali could not even copy and modify the Hollywood film in a smart way. As a result the much hyped film turned in to a fiasco.

Story -

Abhijeet Patil (Sachin Joshi) is a tough police officer, who handles each of his cases with utmost sincerity. His only weakness is betting, and he invests huge amount of money often ending up loosing it. In one particular mission, Abhijeet messes up with Shetty (Prakash Raj) a high profile bar owner, and gets his business ceased. This huge loss rubs Shetty in a wrong way as he plans to take revenge on Abhijeet.

Shetty gets Abhijeet involved in a drug case, and makes him loose his job. Now, Abhijeet is left without a job and also has a huge burden of his loans on his head. An upset and depressed Abhijeet happens to meet Rani (Gihana) a TV reporter who has some evidence against Shetty. Together, the couple sketches a plan to bring down the huge empire of Shetty.

Rest of the story forms as to how Abhijeet manages to fight against Shetty, and comes out victorious.

Artist Performances -

The only plus points of the movie is Sachiin Joshi’s well built physique. He is good in the action sequences and has worked hard on his body. Mahesh Manjrekar, who is seen in a small role is a little endearing. Gihana Khan looks cute and beautiful in her scenes. The realistic approach given to the film looks decent. Prakash Raj does his best in his badly written role and brings some life to the movie.

Technical Aspects -

Ankush Bhatt does a bad job. Scenes lack narration and hold no grip in the film. They look vague and do not have any relation to one another. Pace of the movie is slow and certain scenes have been forced into the movie. Anand Raj Anand and Amjad Nadeem’s music is just about OK. The item songs attack you out of the blue and are not even much to look at. The cinematography is alright. The editing is sloppy. Screenplay of the movie is a big disappointment, and the movie looks dull and disappoints right from the start.

Last Word -

On the whole, MUMBAI MIRROR is for those who relish masala movies. Especially for the single screen circuit.

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