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London Paris New York

News Helpline | March, 02 2012

London Paris New York Cast & Crew:


Rose Movies Fox Star Studios

Release Date

02 Mar 2012




Goldie Behl Shrishti Arya


Director Anu Menon

Star Cast

Ali Zafar and Aditi Rao Hydari

Executive Producer

Vivek Agrawal


Aadil Shaikh

Media Relations


Publicity Designs




Music Director

Ali Zafar




Ali Zafar,
Sunidhi Chauhan,
Aditi rao Hydari,
Sanam Marvi
Hadiqa Kiani


Sameer Arya


Shyam Salgaonkar




Anu Menon



Gajendra Bhama

Music Company


Mandeep Patheja and Shreya Anand


ali zafar

Production Designers

Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : Entertaining package.

This colorful season Bollywood is filled with so many colorful movies. Where romantic movies always catch the eyes director Annu Mennon makes his debut with a sweet, dicey and much spicy love story covered over the three big cities. In this movie we would see fresh pairing of Ali Zafar and Aditi Rao. The movie may attract more youngsters as it highlights the complexities of long distance relationship which is common these days.

LONDON - PARIS - NEWYORK three big cities and a short & sweet love story of Nikhil and Lalita. In the year 2005 A charming and budding filmmaker Nikhil meets beautiful yet confused Lalita in queen’s city London. They spend some time and get attracted towards each other. Before they knew anything else they started liking each other.  Soon they realize that they fell in love. Before they would know each other more, the very next day Lalita has to go back to New York.

But Nikhil promises to catch up with her within 6 months. After 2 years they meet up again but this time in the city of romance Paris.  When they meet up Nikhil had to explain why he could not make it earlier. They spend some fantastic moments together but it ends up badly.  They finally part. She leaves him and moves ahead. Its Four years time span now but to the fact Nikhil is yet in love with Lalita. So he traces her to New-York and goes there to find out his love. Will his love story have a happy ending? To know it you got to watch LONDON PARIS NEWYORK.


Ali Zafar is very charming and treat to watch. Ali plays Nikhil a budding filmmaker. A spoilt brat. Happy go lucky in nature. Not so serious. Ali is easy on the eyes and slips into the skin of the character. He is natural in his acting and very likable. People easily relate to his character. His timing is perfect. In short he is a complete entertaining package. He steals the show and keeps you engaged throughout.

Opposite to Ali you would find Aditi Rao Hydari playing the female lead as Lalita. Her character sketch is of a complicated girl who is not able to express her love. Aditi looks cute and delivers a layered performance. This is her first performance as a lead. Prior to this we saw her in rockstar playing a short and sweet cameo. Aditi well matches to the standards of Ali Zafar. They chemistry between the two is easy going and simply good. She is very good in the emotional scenes. As a debut Aditi is good on her part.

Anu Mennon makes his debut with London Paris New – York. Three big cities and cute love story Mennon put the foot on the pedal and made it to a good work. The story is to the point and no filler scenes in this movie. It makes the movie span shot. Its good but you feel disconnected as it spans several years. Due to which it sometimes become a little confusing.  The colors and flavors of London, Paris and New – York has been portrayed well. The shots are amazing. The script is good but the screenplay could have been better. The music could be credited to our cool dude Ali Zafar who doubles up as a singer as well as a composer. The songs are a mixed collection of senti emotions, romantic munch and peppy dance numbers. The music is honest and justifies the theme line. Ali is anyways music to ears. His voice is mesmerizing. Who dekhne main, zindagi and the title track are pick of the lot. All the songs are decent and when Ali sings with a smile it’s a killer shot. On the whole he stands out as a star.

My verdict

London Paris New York is overall a very sweet romantic movie. As I said earlier it’s a film youngsters will relate more. It’s based on a story of long distance relationship and its problems which are very common these days. Three things stand out well Ali Zafar, Aditi Rao and the locations. The film has been shot well but the screenplay is not up to the mark. The story is short and sweet but time span is kind of irritating and detaching. The actors keep you engaged throughout. The movie definitely traces some international shots like before sunrise.  Overall the movie is good and entertaining to watch. Hence I rate it 3 stars. 

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