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News Helpline | May, 09 2014

Koyelaanchal Cast & Crew:


AMA Entertainment

Release Date

09 May 2014




Ashuu Trikha


Ashuu Trikha

Star Cast

Vinod Khanna,Suniel Shetty Rupali,Purva.Parag.Brij.Gopal.Kannan.Arunachalam.
Deepraj.Rana.Ravi Singh,Vipinno,Himayat Ali.Manjeet Singh.Biswanath Basu

Executive Producer

Shashikant Sinha The New Mumbai Talkies


Ricky Gupta

Media Relations

Publicity Designs

Parull Gossain



Music Director

Sushant Shankar





Karan B Rawat


Uma Shankar Mishra


Abbas Ali Moghul




Sunil Singh Sushant Shankar,Subhash Shau

Music Company



Surendra Mishra, Dr Devendra Kafir

Production Designers

Bhupendra Singh
Koyelaanchal is a 2014 upcoming Hindi-language Indian feature film produced and directed by Ashu Trikha, starring Vinod Khanna, Suniel Shetty, Vipinno and Roopali Krishnarao.

Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : Concept is good but loose screenplay and unwanted stuff by Director ruins the whole film, So, skip it ____________________________________________________________________________

Koyelaanchal, an action-thriller movie based on the working of Coal Mafia in Jharkhand belt, is directed and produced by Ashu Trikha under the banner of AMA entertainment. The music is scored by Sushant-Shankar & Sunil Singh and script is penned by Sanjay Masoom. Suniel Shetty and Vinod Khanna in the lead roles, while Vipinno, Roopali Krishnarao, Purva Parag, Brij Gopal, Kannan Arunachalam, Deepraj Rana, Biswanath Basu, Himayat Ali, Master Manjeet Singh appeared as supporting characters. Let's take a look at the movie story and review.

The story of Koyelaanchal turns around ex-owner turned Mafioso, Saryu Bhan Singh (Vinod Khanna) who through his sheer brutality forces the people and the authorities to consider him as their ‘maalik’. No one dares to raise their voice against him because of his fear. But, the arrival of honest district collector Nisheeth Kumar (Suniel Shetty) in his region brought difficulties for him.

Nisheeth questioned him that no one dared to ask him before. Meanwhile, Saryu Bhan Singh was caught amidst labor revolts & naxal uprisings, so he sends Karua (Vipinno) to scare Nisheeth Kumar off to silence. The mission turns other way round, when Karua ends up fatally injuring Nisheeth’s wife, instead of Nisheeth. Later, the revert action of Nisheeth forms the crux of the flick.

The story is interesting and gives us more insight over the coal mafia subject. Such movies need a super tight screenplay and that's what this movie lacks, as the screenplay is not at all consistent. The first half does have some interesting scenes and manages to keep you indulged in the film, but the second half is terrible with lots of side tracks and super stretched skins. Few scenes of Vinod Khanna are good and turn out to be the best ones from the movie due to his ace performance. The movie takes lots of time on character establishment and has loads of unwanted scenes along with lethargic second half and a terrible climax. The makers have inserted unwanted gory action scenes, nudity; swear words and overdose of dramatic moments which does not go with the flow of the film. The scenes between Vipinno and the kid reminds you of the movie 'Nanha Farishta', but ends up being the worst scenes of the film. In fact, every scene involving Vipinno, are the worst scenes of the film.

Director Ashu Trikha brings up an interesting tale, but adds up a lot of side tracks and unwanted stuff which ruins the whole film and its basic concept. He could have made this movie a decent action thriller, but goes on the dramatic part and fails miserably. The whole movie seemed like a product from the late 80s and early 90's and lacked over the contemporary factor.

Vinod Khanna is mind blowing in his role and does his part with total grace. The writers should have focused more on his role rather than going for the side tracks in the film. His screen presence is remarkable. Sunil Shetty fails to impress and gives us one of the longest scene with the 'F' word. Vipinno is the worst thing to happen to this badly made film. Every scene involving him is trashy and unwanted. Roopali Krishnarao does unwanted skin show and hams to the fullest. Master Manjeet Singh is cute. Brij Gopal, Deepraj Rana, Kannan Arunachalam and others lend good support.

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