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John day

News Helpline | September, 13 2013

John day Cast & Crew:


Channel F Entertainment Anjum Rizvi Film Company

Release Date

13 Sep 2013




K. Asif, Anjum Rizvi, Aatef A Khan


Ahishor Solomon

Star Cast

Naseeruddin Shah,
Randeep Hooda,
Shernaz Patel,
Sharat Saxena,
Vipin Sharma,
Elena Kazan,
Makarand Deshpande,
Bharat Dabholkar,
Anant Mahadevan,
Arika Silaichia.

Executive Producer

Naren Kumar


Media Relations

Publicity Designs



Music Director

Kshiti Tarey, Strings




Aditi Singh Sharma,
Kshitij Tarey.


Prakash Kutty


Arindam Ghatak


Aino Shaikh




Baylon Fonseca

Music Company


Aashish Dwyer


Sayeed Quadri ,Anwar Maqsood

Production Designers

John Day is a 2013 Hindi thriller film directed by Ahishor Solomon and produced by K.Asif, Anjum Rizvi and Aatef A Khan and The film features Naseeruddin Shah, Randeep Hooda, Vipin Sharma, Shernaz Patel as main characters.

Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : If you have spare time and money then you can watch otherwise skip it

Anjun Rizvi, the producer who gave us an intelligent thriller in the form of the critically and commercially acclaimed ‘A Wednesday, is back with another cat and mouse thriller in form of ‘John Day’. Directed by Ahishor Solomon and starring the talented Naseeruddin Shah and Randeep Hooda in the lead roles, ‘John Day’ has hit the screens today.


The story of the film is about John Day (Naseeruddin Shah), an old man who is deeply saddened by his daughter’s sudden and mysterious demise. An upset John decides to hunt down the people responsible for his daughter’s mysterious killing. On the other hand, Gautam (Randeep Hooda) is a corrupt nihilist cop who is indirectly involved in the big scam that killed John’s daughter.

The rest of ‘Johan Day’ is about how John manages to hunt down the big names involved in his daughter’s death and what role does Gautam play in this scenario.

Positive Points:-

In his characteristic style, veteran Naseeruddin Shah gives the best performance in the film. He is convincing in the different emotions he portrays and plays his role as a distraught father to perfection.

Newcomer Elena Kazan looks beautiful and provides the necessary eye candy. The suspense is kept alive right till the last frame and this keeps the viewers interest alive.

Negative Points:-

Randeep Hooda’s performance is just not upto the mark and it shocks to see a talented actor like him portray such unconvincing roles. Though Elena Kazan looks beautiful on the screen, her acting is not convincing.

As the film progresses, the sequences stop making sense and start getting confusing. The narrative gets so complicated that you will only witness the characters running behind each other for no apparent reason at all. The length of the film is too long and the extended climax could have easily been editing smartly. While the first half of the film is too confusing, the second half is hard to digest.

This is not your regular mainstream film that you can go watch with the family because of all the blood, gore and coarse language involved.

Technical Aspects:-

There are only two songs in the film, which is a good thing, as they would have acted as a hindrance in the plot. The screenplay becomes tedious and loses track after a while. The editing is just not good enough and the scenes become confusing as the movie progresses.

Incidentally, ‘John Day’ is the remake of a 2002 Spanish flick La Caja 507 and director Ahishor Solomon manages to tell a never-told before story promisingly only in bits and pieces.

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