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I Don't Luv U

News Helpline | May, 17 2013

I Don't Luv U Cast & Crew:


Amrapali Media Vision Pvt Ltd

Release Date

17 May 2013


Romance, Drama


Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma


Amit Kasaria

Star Cast

Ruslaan Mumtaz,
Chetna Pande,
Murli Sharma,
Ragesh Asthana.

Executive Producer



Sagar Das, Jayesh Pradhan.

Media Relations

Neeraj Gupta, Rahi Communications.

Publicity Designs



Music Director

Aman-Benson, Amit Kasaria




Mika Singh,
Javed Ali,
Raman Mahadevan,
Neuman Pinto,
Monali Thakur,
Linda M Johny.


Saurav Vishwakarma


Suvir Nath





Ravideo Singh

Music Company



Dr. Pallavi Mishra, Amit Kasaria.

Production Designers

I Don\t Luv U focuses on the youth of today. The fun loving and frivolous lot, who are extremely casual in their relationships & do not want to delve into the intricacies of true love.

Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : poor making and silly execution... You can wait and watch it on DVD.

After playing a romantic school kid in his debut movie, Ruslaan Mumtaz is now back in a not-so-romantic avatar with ‘I Dont Luv U’. This movie is directed by Amit Kasaria and stars Ruslaan Mumtaz and Chetna Pande in the lead roles. The movie releases today and we got an exclusive review just for you.


Yuvaan (Ruslaan Mumtaz) is a fun-loving guy who doesn’t believe in love and commitments and rather prefers to enjoy life with friends. Things are fine for him until Aarya (Chetna Pande), a London based NRI, enters his life. The two get involved in a non-committal, time-pass relationship that goes on smoothly until they fall in love with each other. Things again go fine until the two get embroiled in a devastating MMS scandal that completely shatters their lives. How will these two cope with the aftereffects of this MMS scandal and will they be able to regain their lost respect and love back? The answer to these questions forms the rest of the story.

Positive Points:-

Director Amit Kasaria has very cleverly covered the common stories around the youth of today and how the media plays an important role in penetrating news into the viewers’ minds. The movie aptly explains the pros and cons of the Indian media. Coming to performances, Ruslaan looks good in his scenes and delivers his dialogues decently and overall, he is basically the only decent aspect of the film. Chetna, on the other hand, looks glamorous and brings in the X factor. The film also relies heavily on a strong concept to form the basic plot point.

Negative Points:-

The movie has some bizarre college humor that is absolutely silly and outlandish. The MMS scandal that the film centers around comes in very late in the narrative and till then the viewers keep wondering as to where the movie is heading towards. Newcomer Chetna’s performance is ineffective and leaves no charm. The movie lacks narration and fails to put across a good concept with perfection. The pace of the film is very slow and leaves the audience bored at one point. Amit Kasaria’s direction is too dreary and his directorial style doesn’t seem to have any influence on the narrative. Overall, a meaningful and youth-centric concept is totally wasted in the movie.

Technical Aspects:-

Music of the film is just average and could have been better. The film has a huge collection of sound tracks that include a mix of decent and forgettable numbers. The dialogues are good in a few parts while some of them just don’t make any sense. Editing and cinematography is just about OK while the screenplay is a disappointment. The film lacks a lot of important aspects that could have made it a good viewing.

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