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Hate story

News Helpline | April, 20 2012

Hate story Cast & Crew:


ASA Production and Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., BVG Films

Release Date

20 Apr 2012




Vikram Bhatt


Vivek Agnihotri and Attar Singh Saini

Star Cast

Paoli Dam,
Gulshan Devaiya and
Nikhil Dwivedi.

Executive Producer




Media Relations

Desai, Universal Communications

Publicity Designs




Music Director

Harshit Saxena
















Music Company





Production Designers

Bhatt camps upcoming movie hate story is a bold film that uncoveres a different side of a women. Its a suspence thiller which would be interesting to watch as the trailer seems to be catchy. 

Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : If your eyes and ears want to hear and see some spicy masala then go for it.

Vivek Agnihotri, after giving films like Chocolate and Goal, has once again come up with some different theme. An erotic thriller. No doubt that Indian audience is becoming very liberal and intelligent, but still there is time for such films to be successful in India.

The story revolves around Kaavya [Paoli Dam] and her transformation from a simple middle class journalist to a sex worker to seek revenge. Kaavya, who doesnt have anything to lose anymore, uses her sexuality as a lethal weapon to rip Siddharth [Gulshan Devaiah] apart by using everyone connected to him one way or another. Thus begins the journey of hatred and brutal vengeance. This affects everyone around Kaavya, including her family and her best friend Vicky [Nikhil Dwivedi], who secretly loves her. Movies with such an audacious theme generally ignite debates and HATE STORY is sure to meet with severe reactions. The makers ought to be prepared for some bouquets and brickbats. What makes the movie watchable is the vengeance aspect. But the ease with which she makes her way to the people she sets her sights on is hard to digest. First, the CEO [Joy Sengupta] followed by the influential politician [Mohan Kapur]… the woman barters her body for getting closer to her prey. But the manner in which she executes her plan seems so unworkable and unrealistic.

Director Vivek Agnihotri has filmed Hate Story most stylishly. In fact, his approach to the narrative flabbergasts you and at times also renders you speechless, but a cohesive script wouldve worked wonders. The reason that compels Paoli to seek vengeance is completely justified, but the wars fought in the board rooms and the corporate jargon at places doesnt leave the desired impact. The twist in the tale in the final sequence, though shocking, seems unwarranted. A better thought culmination wouldve only been more impactful.

Cast in a multi-dimensional character, Paoli, who won acclaim for her performances in Bengali films, makes a confident debut in Hindi films with Hate Story. She facilitates in keeping the anxiety escalating with her authoritative act as her character stoops to frantic measures to make life hell for the man who disdained her. Gulshan (The villain) and Nikhil (so called hero) are ok at their place.

On the whole, Hate Story is like one of those age old revenge drama but done in avery stylish and bold way. Lets see if its boldness makes the film hit or flop.

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