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News Helpline | October, 02 2014

Haider Cast & Crew:


VB Pictures

Release Date

02 Oct 2014


Action - Drama


Vishal Bhardwaj, Siddharth Roy Kapur


Vishal Bhardwaj

Star Cast

Shahid Kapoor,
Shraddha Kapoor,
Kay Kay Menon,

Executive Producer


Media Relations

Parul Gossain

Publicity Designs



Music Director

Vishal Bhardwaj




Arijit Singh,
Sukhwinder Singh,
Rekha Bhardwaj,
Suresh Wadkar,
Shraddha Kapoor,
Vishal Dadlani,


Pankaj Kumar


Aarif Sheikh





Music Company




Production Designers

Haider is an upcoming Indian drama film directed by Vishal Bhardwaj and co-written by Bharadwaj and Basharat Peer. It is a modern-day adaptation of William Shakespeare's Hamlet, set in Kashmir. The film stars Shahid Kapoor as Haider and Tabu essays the role of his mother who marries her brother-in-law (played by Kay Kay Menon) after her husband mysteriously disappears. The film also stars Shraddha Kapoor as Arshia, a journalist by profession and Haider's love-interest.

Haider is the third installment of Bhardwaj's Shakespeare trilogy after Maqbool (2003) and Omkara (2006). The film is scheduled for release on 2 October 2014.

Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : Vishal Bharadwaj's Haider is one of the most powerful political films we've ever made, So Just go and Watch _______________________________________________________________

After two memorable films (Maqbool and Omkara), Director Vishal Bharadwaj completes his Shakespearean trilogy with Haider that’s inspired by Hamlet. Starring Tabu, Shahid Kapur, Shradha Kapoor and Kay Kay Menon, this film has hit the screens today. So let's find out the fate of film 'Haider', whether it will give us back the Vishal Bhardwaj we all love for his initial films or might give us another self-indulgent film matching up to his last few films.


The story of Haider is set in  in 1995 at a time when common people in Kashmir were picked up by the authorities because they were believed to be militants. Haider's (Shahid Kapoor) father a doctor by profession is picked up and the film follows his journey of finding his father and seeking revenge from those who are responsible.

His mother Ghazala, played brilliantly by Tabu, has various shades. At one point she is this helpless woman because her  husband is picked up by authorities and her house is blown up in front of her eyes. She is a half widow as they address the women whose husband are missing. But this half widow is not just sitting and crying but also trying to enjoy her life with her brother in law (Kay Kay Menon). When Haider returns, he first finds out that his father is missing and then he sees his mother and uncle getting cozy. He is shattered. At some point he does forgive his mother, but can't stand his uncle.

Haider's love interest here is Arshia (Shraddha Kapoor) a chirpy reporter who is trying to help Haider find his father.

Positive Points:-

With Haider, Vishal Bharwaj completes his trilogy of Macbeth, Othello and now Hamlet. While most people would agree that Maqbool remains at the top slot, Haidercomes in at second place. Vishal scores where he does best -- storytelling. He overpowers you with the locations, his actors, the language, dialogues and the background score. This is a subject that could have ruffled many feathers, but that doesn't stop him from showing what was wrong with Kashmir, or exploring the sexual undercurrent between the mother and the son. Vishal along with co-writer Basharat Peer weaves the Hamlet saga into the tension in Kashmir in mid 90s, making it hard for you to imagine it in any other setting.Haider is a well-acted, well-written and beautifully directed movie with a top supporting cast. But it is Shahid and Tabu that stun you with the ease with which they handle the complexities and layers of their characters. 

Negative Points :-

While no one expects a Shakspeare plot to be snappy and quick paced, you will find yourself getting restless with the pace and the length. Twenty minutes too long? The Bismal song though wonderfully choreographed and performed by Shahid, is somewhat of a speed breaker as it comes at a point when you are keen to know what's ahead. The most dramatic moments in the film come way before the climax, leaving you feeling a tad let down as the credits roll. Haider begins as a great movie but ends as only a good one.  

Technical Points:-

‘Haider’ is a brilliant adaptation of Shakespeare’s novel ‘Hamlet’. For the ones, who have not read the book yet, they will not feel lost in the film. Vishal has very neatly added his own art in the film in the form of Kashmir. Leaving aside the city’s scenic beauty, Vishal rather focuses on the dilemma that the people are going through.

All songs in the film are awesome and fit well in the plot especially ‘Bismil’ which is a brilliant composition. The dialogues are written by Vishal are amazing especially the way in which Haider expresses the problems of Kashmir by saying ‘Hum Hain Ya Hum Nahi’ and ‘To Free Or Not To Free.’

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