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News Helpline | June, 05 2014

Filmistaan Cast & Crew:


Satellite Pictures Pvt. Ltd. Shringar Films Pvt Ltd Utv Motion Pictures

Release Date

06 Jun 2014




Subhash Choudhary Shaila Tanna Siddharth Roy Kapur Shyam Shroff Balkrishna Shroff


Nitin Kakkar

Star Cast

Sharib Hashmi,Innamulhaq,Kumud Mishra,Gopal Datt,Saroj Sharma,Sanjay Mehta ,Ravi Bhushan.Waseem Khan

Executive Producer


Media Relations

Publicity Designs

Parull Gossain



Music Director

Arijit Dutta





Subhransu Das


Shachindra Vats




Sharib Hashmi


Music Company


Payal Ashar Chohan


Production Designers

In Mumbai, affable Bollywood buff and wanna-be-actor Sunny, who works as an assistant director, fantasizes on becoming a heart-throb star. However, at every audition he is summarily thrown out. Undeterred, he goes with an American crew to remote areas in Rajasthan to work on a documentary. One day an Islamic terrorist group kidnaps him for the American crew-member. Sunny finds himself on enemy border amidst guns and pathani-clad guards, who decide to keep him hostage until they locate their original target. The house In which he is confined belongs to a Pakistani, whose trade stems from pirated Hindi films, which he brings back every time he crosses the border. Soon, the two factions realize that they share a human and cultural bond. The film shows how cinema can be the universal panacea for co-existence.

Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : Filmistaan is the movie that can't be missed! ________________________________________________________________________________

Filmistaan is one of my favorite film and i have seen it twice during Mumbai film festival and Jagran Film Festival. Both the times i have witnessed the cinema halls flooded with admirers of good cinema. Yet the film took two years to release as it never had any big presenter. But thanks to UTV who understood the film and finally decided to release it.

Basically We live in a country, which is highly obsessed with cricket and cinema. Cinema was and till date one of the biggest source of entertainment in our country, Just after the completion of the centenary year of Indian cinema, we have a unique tale of film lovers by Nitin Kakkar in his film 'Filmistaan'. Starring a host of new comers in the form of Sharib Hashmi and Inamul Haq, The promos of ‘Filmistaan’ have gathered a lot of attention. So Let’s find out how the film is.


'Filmistaan' is a story of a struggling actor Sunny (Sharib Hashmi) who is a hardcore movie buff who eats, sleeps and drinks movies. One fine day, he joins a foreign film unit who are shooting a documentary on the border area of Rajasthan.

Things take an ugly turn as Sunny is mistakenly kidnapped by a Islamic militant group as a one of the foreigners and is kept as a hostage in a remote village in Pakistan. Sunny is based with a poor Muslim family and is guarded round the clock but due to his Bollywood love Sunny starts connecting with the locals of that village including Aftaab (Inaamul haq). Aftaab whose trade stems from pirated Hindi films. Soon, the two factions realize that they share a human and cultural bond. The rest of the story is as to what happens to Sunny during his stay and how he manages to escape back to India.

Positive Points:-

The entire premise and the way the film has been executed is definitely worth a round of huge applause. In this time and age, when commercial flicks and steamy actresses are ruling the roost, this film comes in as a whiff of fresh air and entertains the audience big time.

The shortlisted concept selected and the way the story has been weaved between just three to four characters is amazing.  Sharib Hashmi gives up an award winning performance, which will win your heart from the first scene of the film. Till date we have seen actors mimicking other actors, but here it comes up as a part of Sharib's inbuilt character and personality. If you feel you are a movie buff, then at many points in the film, you will see your own reflection in Sharib Hashmi. Scenes such as the one Sunny dubs while a Hindi film is being played in parallel and specially the climax lift the film to another level. Kumud Mishra is outstanding and gives another great performance. Wished his role was bit elobrated or well shaped towards the finale portions. Gopal Dutt lends good support.

Negative Points:-

There are no negative points in the film but in today's scenario the lack of star power and glamour quotient can also be considered as negative points. Because inspite of a being a good film it has to depend upon the mouth publicity. Where as these two factors could have easily been taken care of by keeping one dream sequence of Sunny who is a movie buff. 

Technical Points:-

Even though this film is made on a shoe string budget, it looks technically brilliant. As mentioned above, the entire premise looks real and has been executed well.

Camera work by Subhransu Das is outstanding and every frame is set like a beautiful painting giving the movie an international touch while the art direction needs a special mention as well. As the entire film is based mostly in a house, every minute details have been taken care of perfectly. The dialogues written are just perfect especially the ones written for Sunny are hilarious. All the iconic dialogues from super hit Hindi films have been used perfectly into the script.

Music by Arijit Datta is sweet and goes well with the film, Editing is sleek and so is the screenplay of the film. Director Naveen Kakkar manages to take a simple story and has beautifully set it in a controversial premise. He plays it safe and never indulges in any violence and bloodshed even though this film has a militant set-up. The way he showcases emotions of India and Pakistani cultures is top-notch.

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