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Pradeep Sharma - Engineer by Heart, Entrepreneur by Choice!

Ravi Sharma | January, 06 2020

An alumni of Murthal Engineering college with BE in Electronics and communication, Pradeep Sharma has a strong background in Engineering, Industrial Automation and Robotics. Well known for diligence, delivering value to business and stakeholders, Pradeep Sharma has over 20 years of diversified experience and has made significant contribution in industrial automation and robotics.  

“You either create automation or you get automated. If you are doing both, you are progressively automating” says Pradeep Sharma.

“Soon after my second year in BE, I realised I had a bigger purpose in life. While there was an itch, an itch to be an Entrepreneur! Just like everyone else, after finishing my BE, I also joined the corporate world and became a part of the rat race. While there were no complaints, however I was always feeling something was missing”

“I took the plunge in 2001, and from being an employee became an employer. I started Alliance Automation from a small office in Delhi. We made progress, slow and steady. In 2006 Alliance Automation became Alliance Automation Systems Pvt. Ltd. And we moved from a small office in Delhi to a 12,000 sq. Ft. Factory space in Manesar and further diversified our portfolios” added Pradeep.  

Alliance Automation provides specialised solutions in automation, robotics and special purpose machines to customers in different industries including Automotive, Manufacturing, and more Alliance Automation began as a representative and authorized channel partner of Mitsubishi Electric in India to provide Programmable controllers, Simple application controllers, motion controllers and other types of controllers.

Since then Alliance Automation has grown to not only providing Automation solutions but also build several types of automation systems including robotics, special purpose machines and other types of automated systems along with plastic moulding.

"Alliance Automation is a leader in industrial automation and our team has an excellent understanding and experience in manufacturing processes combined with in depth knowledge of control systems, software's and robotics. We provide simple solutions to complex manufacturing applications tailored to specific requirements", says Pradeep Sharma.

"Our role as the Mitsubishi Electric FA's Preferred Channel Partner strengthens our position of leadership and adds new momentum to our impressive record of sustained growth over the years" proudly mentions Pradeep Sharma.

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