Mon, 21 Oct, 2019
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Lets make a Movie

Ever since the birth of a cinema we have learnt that Cinema is a mirror of the society. It reflects the social panorama and the incidences taking place in it. Surprisingly in this society have you ever seen the kind of actions which our films show us so convincingly now days?  Have you ever seen characters which are so larger than life ? Have you ever wondered what exactly these characters specially hero and heroine do to earn their living in the film as a character ? Do they really play characters which we see in the society ? The answer is of course NO…….  But that’s OK….
If it’s a cinema than there has to be some liberties available to the maker. Earlier people used to enjoy realistic cinema which belonged to the league of directors like Hrishikesh Mukherji, Basu Chatterjee,  Gulzaar etc. Today audience wants “Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment”. But is it true for everyone. We don’t think so. Even today people have shown their love towards small simple films like Phas Gaye Obama, Bheja Fry, Wednesday and so on.
On this note we come to a conclusion that Cinema is everything and Cinema is nothing.
·         It is a mirror of the society but at the same time it can be larger than life.
·         It can be big budget but  can/CANNOT make it big at box office.
·         It can be small budget but CAN/cannot make it big at Box office.
·         It can be Basu da style or Manmohan Desai style or Rohit Shetty style.
So Cinema can be anything but its success depends upon (first time this secret is revealed) the following formula.
1)      Good Content + Bad Promotion = failure (only critic appreciation)
2)      Bad Content + Good Promotion = Almost failure (Business in just first 2 days)
3)      Good Content + Good Promotion = SUCCESS
And what is a Good Content ? Answer to this lies in the years of experience.
We at Bollywood Helpline have spent more than a decade serving Bollywood. Active as the only Bollywood  News Agency in India since last 15 years, we have seen lots of cinema right from its birth to its final release.  We have seen the cinema progressing through different stages and grooming in to a final film or now days as we call it, a Brand.
With pure experience of watching a Cinema in its different stages for  so many years, now we can proudly say that,  We know WHAT A GOOD CONTENT IS?  We at Bollywood Helpline need not worry about the promotion as being a news agency we have a huge clientele of News channels, Websites, Production houses, IPTV etc. 
So now with the backing of years experience, knowledge and Promotional support we are entering in to our new venture of making good films which are ought to be successful at Box office. So if you think you have TALENT  and FINANCE  and If you  wish to be a part of this venture please send in your details at

Together Let’s Make  some Good Films which can be remembered if not over the years but over a month which is counted as a successful film in today’s scenario.

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