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Sandesh Bhandare's Directorial debut "Mhadu" is set to release on June 6

| June, 06 2014

Photographer Sandesh Bhandare's directorial debut film "Mhadu" is all set to release on June 6. The film is based on the short story of a legendary writer Mahasweta Devi, and  highlights the fundamental aspects and impacts of development on the tribal community 'Mhadu' 

The story focuses on the degradation of the 'Korku' tribe and fundamental changes in their lifestyle. Mhadu also sheds light on the malnutrition and hunger deaths suffered by them. The film enfolds the chain of incidences right from the introduction of railways in India and how it initiated the capitalistic point of view that lead to the exploitation of natural resources.

The cast of the film consists of Sarang Sathye, Amol Dhongde, Rajkumar Tangde, Veena Jamkar, Kailas Waghmare, Padmanabh Bind, Praveen Tarde, Shashank Shende, Devika Daftaradar, Vikas Patil, Ramchandra Dhumal and Atul Pethe. The dialogues of the film are written by Rajkumar Tangde and Pramid Kale. The screenplay has been written by director Sandesh Bhandare himself.

According to Director Sandesh Bhandare, 'Mhadu' is not about the tribal and urban conflict. "The film shows how hunger and greed impact our life. In the process of development the gap between 'haves' and 'have not's' is widening day by day, due to which many sections of the society are thrown out of the mainstream. We have tried to highlight outbursts of these sections of the society when they look at the people who have everything."concludes Bhandare.

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