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The Spy Who Dumped Me Review

The Spy Who Dumped Me Review Cast & Crew:



Release Date

10 Aug 2018




Susanna Fogel

Star Cast

Mila Kunis
Kate McKinnon
Justin Theroux
Sam Heughan

Executive Producer


Media Relations

Publicity Designs



Music Director










Music Company



Production Designers

Two friends, Audrey and Morgan, unwittingly become entangled in a conspiracy when Audrey discovers her ex is a CIA agent with a desired item.


Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : Laughing Riot

The spy who dumped me is all about (Kate) Morgan saying women can be terrorist if they want to be because we can do whatever we put our minds to. 

Susanna Fogel directorial The Spy Who Dumped me is a out and out comedy that does not even attempt to be anything else. The story is about two best friends, Audrey and Morgan who go on an adventure that has plenty of deaths, guns, British men, Kate McKinnon and severed thumbs (ok one thumb).

Audrey (Mila Kunis) gets dumped over a text by Drew, right before her birth and is then comforted by best friend Morgan (Kate McKinnon). When about to burn drew possession in an attempt to recover her self esteem, Drew reveals that he is a spy.  He then just before dying gives Audrey a football fantasy trophy and tells her, she needs to take it Vienna. 

The two embark on a journey due to the last wish Audrey's dead ex boyfriend made and also the numerous people after them. They travel through the European landscape looking for the right guy to give the trophy to while MI6 agents, and Russian assassins and follow them.

Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon play their parts to the core. They are simple women who are concerned about turn lights and seat belts as much as their lives. But it makes for a good situational comedy thanks to Kate's presence. She does looks like her usual self and acts like her usual self from SNL it still does not become repetitive.

The film has it charms in all scenes in spite of the lack of logic the film seems to follow at time. For one who is an aspiring actress and other a supermarket employee it does not make much sense for the two to be able to travel the world without money matter. And until the half way through the story does not explain anything about the surrounding characters. 
There is a ridiculous scene when Audrey cuts out a thumb off a dead guy because she needs to unlock the phone. I say just change the fingerprint once you do unlocked it. But the film is something that rides on this ridiculous humor. And you do enjoy it, you enjoy it until you walk out of the theater with the image of a dead guy's thumb in a lipstick roller. 

The film thrives of jokes, even poop humor which does not surprise me. There are scenes where they try to follow a flash drive, rob two girls passport on a train station and get away with killing numerous people but it works well with character arcs. They are not women in their 30's trying to find themselves of their lovers but best friends being there for each other and lifting each other up.

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