Thu, 23 May, 2019
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  • is She Raju

    By BH Team on March, 08 2019

    After social issues based preachy films and biopics, Is She Raju takes a load off with a story of small town friends and their banter. Directed by debutante filmmaker Rahul Kumar Shukla the film takes flight when the small town boys dream big in a big city. Their learning experiences thr...


  • Fakir of Venice Review

    By Sanyukta Thakare on February, 08 2019

    The Fakir of Venice is about a shrewd Con Man Adi Contractor (Farhan) hiring Sattar (Anu Kapoor) as a fake Fakir for an art gallery installation. To be honest, this is the only time he has been shown to con someone, or else he is just the guy who just gets the job done, anyhow. Sattar Al...


  • Mary Queen of Scots Review

    By Sanyukta Thakare on February, 01 2019

    Based on a biography called Queen of Scots: The True Life of Mary Stuart, the film stars Saoirse Ronan as the Mary Stuart and Margot Robbie as Elizabeth I, Queen of England. The film mainly focuses on the two women, their relationship with each other and their struggle for power in the world run by ...


  • Manikarnika Review

    By Sanyukta Thakare on January, 25 2019

    The film has been one of the most anticipated biopics of the year, it was supposed to be the perfect female lead film with the lead actress also directing it. Kangana has managed to pull it off just a little beyond the mark. The film starts with Amitabh Bachchan's narration setting the scene ...


  • Why Cheat India Review

    By Sanyukta Thakare on January, 18 2019

    Why Cheat India starring Emraan Hashmi, and Shreya talks about the flaws in Indian Education System and society's obsession with grades and marks over the learning experience. Taking advantage of the situation is the lead, Rakesh Singh who runs a coaching center as a front for a scam system. ...


  • Bombairiya Review

    By Sanyukta Thakare on January, 17 2019

    From the first scene to the end, it is clear what the film wants to talk about. A cause for unsung heroes of our justice system, but the makers conveniently forget about it all throughout the middle. Focusing on, Radhika the frustrated PR, Siddhant the Peon, and Akshay the annoying sweet gentlema...


  • Replicas

    By Sanyukta Thakare on January, 16 2019

    The film essentially has a good story idea that would work wonders if only given the right direction. But in this version with Keanu Reeves as the lead, everything falls apart. From their acting, dialogues, background score to every single minute of the screen time. The film starts with a don...


  • Evening Shadows Review

    By Sanyukta Thakare on January, 10 2019

    Evening Shadows directed by Sridhar Rangayan is an LGBT film that exceedsits expectation inmeloand content. For a film that is set to subtly tell the world about the quiet LGBT community Evening Shadows sets out a very loud and melodramatic foundation. Kartik, the talk of the town photographer...


  • URI Review

    By Sanyukta Thakare on January, 10 2019

    The Vicky Kaushal starrer is a film which hits all the right notes with music, drama, action, and the casting. The War film is endless on energy and emotions. Directed by Aditya Dhar, URI The surgical strike is an account of all the events surrounding the URI attack by Pakistan and India's su...


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