Thu, 14 Nov, 2019
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How to Deal With 6 Annoying Types of Girlfriends

You must be one of the fluky guys who are healing with the sparkling gem of the girlfriend. Boys always find the gal who can never be late, never fails to provide you what you need and who constantly willing to lend a helping hand. It would a nice castle in the sky for the guys but when we talk about the actuality, most of them have enduring demureness concerns with their girlfriends. Here, we advise you the six fiddles of girlfriend’s tight spots to handle them stylishly and elegantly.
1. The Chronic Late Arrival:
You have all been there by cooling your heels outside the bar, restaurant or theater for waiting your girlfriend who doesn’t give the impression to be the owner of a running wristwatch. It would be basically discourteous if you realize her about the significance of time. If you want to tell her as how did you feel on her on late, you should try something straightforward and non-accusatory statement such as; “it make me feel abandoned when you are late.” If still she is unable to understand you, you should change all your strategies to form her as regretful on her deeds. Also you can update your all requirements to clear-cut your meeting time like for seeing a movie. 
2. The Over-Spirited Girlfriend:
When you have got a back-up, she always announces some award that she won at her desk. Being over-spirited with you is usually a sign of insecurity as she will feel good about herself only even though if she slots herself on a privileged rank than you. To heal with her, first you should decide as her competitiveness is a complement for you or a hurtful clause for you? If her achievements stand on the best corner of your heart, you would be her best choice. On other hand, if her competitiveness is a spiteful for you, she would be leaping into your undesired & unpleasant pool. In this situation, you can try to take out her from this pool by taking her at idealistic and fantastical coast of motivation. At this coast, she will need your help to figure out the possible edges of your love. 
3. The Forever-Blistering Friend:
When she forgot your birthday or flecked on your dinner parties again and again, you need to start feel like the unloved one. This type of girlfriend can forget about your all lavish things that connect you from her by reacting as the insensitive stuff that can cancel the dates at the last or on final minutes. Here, you need to remind yourself about your girlfriend that have flecked on you that is almost never worked on the personal for you. You also need to form a tendency to assume the behavior of your girlfriend that she has reacted on an impractical trait of your relationship. Your blistering girlfriend can be changed by passing some potential alternatives on her mind. 
4. The self-absorbed One:
It would be craziest for you if your girlfriend is a self-centered woman who always thinks about herself only. With the competitive types of self –centered girlfriends can be managed by overlapping them with a focus of relevant behaviors of their boyfriends in some good times and even also in bad times. Instead of becoming neutral on her behavior, you should bring out her spiteful conducts into your real life on the same state that she has left you in. You can also heal her by diving her into the pool of your past memories that will recall her feelings towards you. 
5. The Off-Putting Nellie: 
When you know that bad people in this world often fall in the illusive situation at the coast of revengeful Ocean, you need to mention the right things that you have created by your own. Your girlfriend also may the kind of one, so you need to take her out from the hell of a revengeful coast. She thinks about the things that will never turn out in the right prospects of the river of your life in which the water will never cross the edge of your relationship. She can understand an occasional empty attitude that often you can start to feel blank. You can deal with her by taking her onto the consequences of the defeatist attitude that will drag her down. Here, you need to catch her on the rational seasons of your lavish memories that will make her happier on the mode on which she can revalue your company which is so valuable for her. 
6. The Cheapskate:
The lady, who always think to get the first round of drinks because you are just a cash machine for her who can buy everything for her at anyhow, otherwise She can make any issue that can kill your friendship. To handle with this type of girlfriend, you need to work out on the theme of empty-wallet and bad-tipper. You should form your tendency on chronic results of changing your attitude towards her. It can be a good effect on her as she will definitely think about her feelings that stretch your financial slots. It may be embarrassed feeling for you, but will help to deal with cheapskate girlfriend.   

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