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Editor's Pick / Sex & Relationship

  • 10 ways to know she tabs on you

    By Sanjukta Sen on September, 19 2014

    A little jealousy is healthy, even cute. It shows that your girlfriend cares enough about you to feel a little threatened by an attractive woman. Now, if she calls you many times a day to see where you are, who you're with and what you're doing, she checks your cell phone bill an...


  • Should You Discuss Your Love Life with Friends?

    By Sanjukta Sen on September, 09 2014

    Gossip is women’s energy booster! It’s a channel through which they share their romantic lives, vent out frustration and have fun. It’s also healthy to share your feelings with your friends and yes! Women need that. At the same time you should know to draw a line and be selectiv...


  • Men's Wrong Conception about Woman

    By Sanjukta Sen on September, 01 2014

    Men always envelop their ideas for women in many of wrong conceptions about them. As women always stand in a different platform that is completely dissimilar with the men on psychosomatic and substantial aspects. For men, women always hide their original age and weight from the men in rega...


  • Tricks That Can Make Guys Fall For You

    By Sanjukta Sen on August, 18 2014

    To get noticed in your man’s eye, is what every woman’s dream. It is bit hard to get your dream guy to notice you, and fall for you, especially when there are so many vying for his attention.What can you do to stand out and make fall for you? I know this will sound superficial, but th...


  • 10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Husband

    By Sanjukta Sen on August, 14 2014

    May be you have said “I do” or just celebrated a double-digit anniversary, you can probably spout off a lot of info about your husband—his middle name, where he was born, his favorite food. But what are the secrets that can bring you closer than ever? It’s often hard to kn...


  • Gift Ideas for beloved bro/sis in this Raksha Bandhan

    By Sanjukta Sen on August, 07 2014

    Are you confused about what gift to give your sister this Raksha Bandhan? We have a list of gift ideas to help you buy the best gift for your dear sister or brother. Raksha Bandhan is a festival celebrated only only in India but also around the globe. It is more commonly celebrat...


  • Are you in a happy relationship?

    By Sanjukta Sen on July, 30 2014

    One of the best ways to find out if you are in a happy relationship or not is by knowing whether you feel good about your relationship. Here are a couple of ways you can know whether you are happy in your relationship or not. Do you look forward to spending time together? If...


  • 10 Tips for Positive Breakup: coping with the crisis

    By Sanjukta Sen on July, 21 2014

    Positive break up may sound a utopia but in reality it’s a positive approach to life. Breaking up is indeed a crisis; however a break up cannot be the end of the world. There are certain ways which can help us to survive the problem and surprisingly learning these ways are incredibly simple...


  • From online to in person : Know your woman

    By Sanjukta Sen on July, 21 2014

    Are you a guy who fails to attract a woman in virtual world? Do you find it difficult to understand the needs of a woman? Read here if you want to know more: 1. No story of your life please: A woman seldom likes a man who is full of himself. You may have been no less than an Atlas bear...


  • Delhites are better romantics than Mumbaikars

    By Sanjukta Sen on May, 23 2014

    Mumbai might be known as the city where dreams are given life but, according to a recent survey conducted with foreign women, Delhi men are more romantic than their Mumbai counterparts. Conducted by deodorant brand AXE, the survey's results are based on the opinion of foreign women. ...


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