Sun, 17 Oct, 2021
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Editor's Pick / Love & Relationship

  • From online to in person : Know your woman

    By Sanjukta Sen on July, 21 2014

    Are you a guy who fails to attract a woman in virtual world? Do you find it difficult to understand the needs of a woman? Read here if you want to know more: 1. No story of your life please: A woman seldom likes a man who is full of himself. You may have been no less than an Atlas bear...


  • Delhites are better romantics than Mumbaikars

    By Sanjukta Sen on May, 23 2014

    Mumbai might be known as the city where dreams are given life but, according to a recent survey conducted with foreign women, Delhi men are more romantic than their Mumbai counterparts. Conducted by deodorant brand AXE, the survey's results are based on the opinion of foreign women. ...


  • Mother ! You are mighty

    By on May, 10 2014

    This write up is dedicated to all mothers every where in the world. A beautiful piece of writing from Lisa -Jo Baker and a loving video by Journey box media. Mothers--we honor you today for your selflessness, for your tenderness, for your strength. Happy Mother's Day to Mig...


  • Women behaviour after Break ups

    By on March, 24 2014

    Woman always surrounded by many emotions that direct them in taking the decision when they have dumped by the men after a long time relationship. When they got disheartened by the men, they often used to stop making trust on any other person. It is a big matter if a woman has been ditched after a...


  • Tips for Dating an Introvert

    By on March, 21 2014

    Introverts are so hot right now, don’t you agree? If you’ve recently fallen for an introvert, perhaps you’re feeling a little uncertain about how to proceed. As you find out just how much time he or she needs alone, it is easy to wonder if your shy guy or gal is really on board ...


  • Dealing With Live-in Relationship Issues

    By on March, 20 2014

    Live in relationships are trending with time. It is a way couples check their compatibility with each other before getting into a serious marriage commitment. Some couples have lately preferred live in relationships more than marriages. But, in every relationship there are same problems that need...


  • Stop comparing your life with others

    By on March, 03 2014

    Comparing oneself to others on social networking sites can leave one depressed and jealous. Anybody who visits social networking sites can't seem to resist the lure of checking or rather snooping through the profiles of their friends and acquaintances for their status, relationship a...


  • 10 Lies most men tell

    By on February, 24 2014

    While lies come in all sizes and shades, here are the more common fibs that the male of the species is more inclined to dish out--- sometimes to get out of a fix, oftentimes to keep his partner happy, and at other times because it's ever so convenient and hassle-free! Do, please, add your own...


  • How to avoid being an emotional fool?

    By on February, 24 2014

    Breaking down at the drop of a hat is considered to be stupid and immature. But what can one do if he or she is a sensitive person and cannot handle tough situations? Says mind and body expert Dr Shreepad Khedekar, "People who are emotional find it difficult to accept reality and th...


  • Apps that connected with your long distance love

    By on February, 14 2014

    It’s no secret that long distance relationships aren’t easy to maintain, but youngsters vouch for mobile applications, in short apps, that help them bridge the gap and keep them happy without burning a hole in their pockets. This Valentine’s Day, couples staying apart will d...


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