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Editor's Pick / Love & Relationship

  • Tips to raise a happy kid

    By Sanjukta Sen on May, 24 2016

    Raising confident, well-behaved children can be challenging. Here are several steps you can take with your kids and be on the path to happiness. You need not define your parenting style You do not have to follow a particular parenting style to bring up your child well. Discuss with...


  • Too much concern may harm your relation

    By Sanjukta Sen on April, 25 2016

    There are couples who go over the edge while watching over their love and eventually wind up subverting their relationship. While taking care your partner is great, crossing the cutoff points may prompt a few issues among you. On the off chance that your accomplice gets bothered with you...


  • Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Here's How to Know for Sure

    By Sanjukta Sen on February, 24 2016

    Have you ever asked why a few individuals appear to have a boundless measure of achievement in both their own and expert lives? It could be on the grounds that they have high passionate knowledge. By Today, "Emotionally intelligence is the capacity to recognize and deal with your ow...


  • Should You Discuss Your Love Life with Friends?

    By Sanjukta Sen on January, 15 2016

    Gossip is women’s energy booster! It’s a channel through which they share their romantic lives, vent out frustration and have fun. It’s also healthy to share your feelings with your friends and yes! Women need that. At the same time you should know to draw a line and be selectiv...


  • 10 tips for arranging a rocking New Year Party

    By Sanjukta Sen on December, 30 2015

    A rockin’ New Year’s Eve party doesn’t have to be expensive. With a little planning and creativity, you can throw a cheap, yet awesome, end-of-the-year bash. Here are 10 tips for welcoming in 2016 with frugal flair. Tip 1: Host it at home No need to go...


  • 10 ways to celebrate yourself

    By Sanjukta Sen on November, 27 2015

    Have you ever thought of a little celebration for just being you? We often celebrate our love and care for others be it anniversary or birthday or Valentine ’s Day. So when last you said to yourself in mirror oh! You are pretty or I love myself! Sounding funny? I say, let's do it! take ...


  • 10 Signs Signs He’s Just Not That into You

    By Sanjukta Sen on November, 08 2015

    Sometimes relationships fizzle. Sometimes they end abruptly with little left to question. Other times while you may believe you are with the man of your dreams, he is sending mixed signals and leaves you guessing about his feelings.This puts you in a crisis because you don’t know if he is i...


  • Jealousy: Is it the same for men and women?

    By Sanjukta Sen on October, 11 2015

    Who hasn’t felt the desire to have your loved one to yourself? Or been hurt when he appears to be devoting his time and attention to someone else? After finding out that their partner has been seeing someone else, what aspect of the infidelity bothers men and women the most? In a recent stu...


  • The 10 Most Common Reasons Couples Fight About

    By Sanjukta Sen on September, 19 2015

    This is a general topic that we are discussing about. Fighting with partner is an integral part of every couple’s life. Even the happiest couples have been failed to escape the fight phase between them even though they considered to be a perfect couple and nothing can wrong between them in ...


  • Dos and don'ts of couple vacations

    By Sanjukta Sen on September, 16 2015

    Planning a jaunt with your significant other? Here are some dos and don'ts before you buy those tickets and make plans. DO pick a romantic spot with good memories or one you’ve never been to before. DON'T go somewhere you've been to before with another partner. ...


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