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No more monotonous workouts.. 5 awesome ways to end the boredom

Sanjukta Sen | August, 16 2016

The average number of days people stop going to their gym after signing up is less than 90 days. Putting your body through the stress of working out is hard enough without adding a stale boring workout routine to destroy your motivation. Let’s face it a lot of people find exercise boring. Especially long repetitive exercises.

Kiran Krishnakumar, a Delhi-based fitness trainer, has shared some tips to make exercising more fun and exciting:

* Pump it up with Zumba: A series of repeated aerobic movements, combined with various dance forms, especially Salsa, Mambo and Cha-Cha, forms the main choreographic structure of this fitness routine. The movements focus on burning calories for all the duration of the class by involving every part of the body and complete muscle movement. It can even be characterized as a fitness regime that focuses on Cardio fitness and burning excess amount of calories in the body.

The combination of dance movements and a groovy musical experience makes the routine effortless to perform and can very well be practiced at home without much supervision. This method of workout has gained extensive popularity in the past decade and is one of the most sought after workout techniques today, especially because of its light and refreshing approach to fitness!

* Regain focus and core strength with martial arts: This method as a workout technique has evolved over time and is not limited to only achieving fitness and health. Any type of martial art is structured around a defense strategy that requires enormous amounts of discipline as well as self-awareness.

While performing this routine, you will not feel bored or lethargic, since the very spirit of this type of fitness routine, is to energize your mind and body. It allows you to gain control of your thoughts and achieve mental health while achieving physical fitness. However, martial art is a strict discipline and cannot be exercised without careful supervision of a trainer.

* Bodyweight training with unconventional equipment: Even though you may not find the strength to join a gym and devote your hours to traditional body workout, you can use training methods and equipment from your surroundings to achieve the results of similar workout routines.

Bodyweight training uses your body weight as resistance against itself, instead of any gym apparatus, for you to achieve fitness. Some of these exercises include push-ups, squats, sit-ups and pull-ups.

* Explore power yoga: Power yoga distinguishes from the ancient art of classical yoga, in its approach towards achieving fitness. Devoid of excessive meditation and incantations, power yoga focuses on an intense flow of yogic postures, changing rapidly while aiming to achieve control and endurance in each one, efficiently.

Power yoga has its center in strengthening the power of mind over body and helping to achieve control of your cognition, while the different postures focus on toning up the muscles of various body parts. This type of routine too, requires careful supervision.

* Just dance: Be it salsa, that focuses on your abdominal and hip region, or contemporary, that stretches your muscle movements to painful extents, dancing is the most entertaining and fruitful method for achieving fitness and rejuvenation.

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