Thu, 28 Oct, 2021
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Editor's Pick / Health & Fitness

  • 6 Drinks to stay young

    By Sanjukta Sen on January, 31 2015

    Aging is the process that every human being has to undergo. However, you can make the transition graceful by adapting healthy lifestyle. There are healthy drinks that can make you look young and stay fit for a long time. It is important to make yourself not look older than age if not younger. Unh...


  • How to Get Sexy Toned Legs

    By Sanjukta Sen on December, 08 2014

    Squats: Squats deals in a great shining exercise for your legs that helps to strengthen your thighs and hips that will turn the table of infirmity of your legs. To get the advantage of this exercise you need to stand with your feet concerning your shoulder width at a distance. Bend yourself b...


  • Top 10 healing foods

    By Sanjukta Sen on November, 03 2014

    Foods can be medicinal too. Of course diet helps us in recovering our pain and health disorders, but there are some foods which can work as medicine and help us in speedy recovery. 10 top healing foods are listed here which will help you to fight minor ailments with natural immunity of your healt...


  • How to Increase Your Willpower

    By Sanjukta Sen on October, 30 2014

    Increasing will power is extremely important as this inherent quality can make you stronger and determined. The force of temptation can help to stick to healthy diet or to get the exercise done instead of watching television of playing Farmville at Facebook. There is no overnight formula for incr...


  • How to keep your heart healthy

    By Sanjukta Sen on October, 07 2014

    A few good choices can help you feel better and stay healthier! Here are Life’s Simple focuses on the some factors and behaviors from fitness expert Rupali 'Sim' Vaidthat have the biggest impact on your heart health, both on their own and taken together. Have a more ac...


  • Top 10 Tips for men from prevention obesity

    By Sanjukta Sen on September, 30 2014

    It is said that “Prevention is better than cure”. This golden rule is applicable for weight management also. Prevention of weight gaining is the best way to remain in shape and curves. Men are often found reluctant for maintaining dieting and rigorous workout for a long. These 10 prev...


  • 7 ways for new mums to get back in shape

    By Sanjukta Sen on September, 21 2014

    It's natural and inevitable that carrying a baby for nine months and then giving birth changes your body dramatically. The abdominal muscles were stretched to the limit to accommodate your growing bump, and the extra weight elsewhere is what nature laid down in preparation for breastfeeding (...


  • Listen to Your Inner Voice

    By Sanjukta Sen on September, 09 2014

    Learning inner voice is a skill and it helps us to take some decision where brain and heart often confronts each other and we remain perplexed. However listening to inner voice is a talent to develop and surprisingly, it’s easy to learn the skill by our own. 1. Close your eyes, breat...


  • The brain diet: Eating the right

    By Sanjukta Sen on August, 02 2014

    Good powers of concentration depend on keeping the messages flowing freely between brain cells. These cells need oxygen to fire up and send a message, and they get it from blood sugar.An adequate and steady calorie intake throughout the day is the first step to keeping focused and alert. Brain fr...


  • 7 ways to stay healthy in monsoon

    By Sanjukta Sen on July, 15 2014

    The rainy season may have its charms the cool weather, the reason to wear jackets and the magnified pleasure of a cup of hot coffee or a bowl of hot soup. But it has dangers as well; diseases such as food poisoning, cholera, cold, cough, flu, poor digestion, jaundice, typhoid and dysentery become...


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