Tue, 25 Jan, 2022
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Editor's Pick / Health & Fitness

  • Boost Your Energy And Outstand The Tasks With Juzzy

    By Ravi Sharma on September, 22 2021

    Energy drink market in India is booming and with Juzzy planning their expansion in the country; the 37.14 million dollar market will soon hit 45 million dollar in no time. With changing lifestyle and performances oriented work space, urban consumers are relying on energy drinks to cope up wi...


  • Shweta Pal, an inspiring and emerging face in the world of fitness

    By News Helpline on May, 06 2020

    Stylish and driven, fitness savant Shweta Pal shed some light on body workout amid lockdown and shares simple tricks to keep your mind, body, and holistic well-being. With Lockdown in place due to Covid-19, it’s hard to keep energy levels, physical and mental, positive and high. Fitness exp...


  • 21 Days Lock Down, Good Time To Kick Old Habits

    By Ravi Sharma on March, 26 2020

    We all have habits, which we have been trying to get rid of, people have been telling us its wrong for us, but like we’re still waiting for the right time. Some of us smoke, chew tobacco, drink, gamble, or perhaps have bad routines, poor eating habits, lack of exercise, the list is long, we...


  • Staying At Home Can Be Made Fun, Time To Invest In Yourself During Corona Effect

    By Ravi Sharma on March, 19 2020

    Gyms are closed, schools and colleges are closed, cinema halls are shut, it is not safe to go to a restaurant, social gatherings are a strict no- no, tourists spots are highly prone to the virus. As the corona virus pandemic spreads, self isolation or self quarantine is the need of the hour. This...


  • अब अपने बच्चों की बिमारियों को कहें गुड बाय।

    By News Helpline on December, 28 2019

    अपने 9 महीने के प्रेगनेंसी के बाद जब कोई महिला अपने बच्चे को जन्म देती है और जब वह बच्चा सही सलामत उस माँ के हांथों में होता है तो दुनिया में उससे सुन्दर और ख़ुशी से भरा कोई समय नहीं होता है। बच्चे को 9 महीने तक गर्भ में रखना हर माँ के लिए बहुत ही मुश्किल और महत्वपूर्ण समय होता है। पर बच्चे का...


  • सेब खाने के फायदे और नुकसान ।

    By News Helpline on December, 27 2019

    अंग्रेजी में एक कहावत बहुत ही मशहूर है ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away‘ यह कहावत आपने कहीं न कहीं पढ़ी या सुनी जरूर होगी। इसका मतलव एक सेब रोज़ खाने से हम डॉक्टर को अपने से दूर रख सकते हैं या कह सकते हैं हमें डॉक्टर के पास जाना नहीं पड़ेगा। डॉक्टर के पास जाना किसी को भी अच्छा न...


  • Survey says Wi-Fi has become more important that Sex, Chocolate Or Alcohol:

    By Sanjukta Sen on November, 22 2016

    The obsession for WIFI has gone up so much that half of the general population now long for Wi-Fi on the go considerably more than chocolate, liquor and, yes, sex, indicate consequences of another review. The ever-increasing influence of Wi-Fi on our daily lives was revealed in a recent ...


  • No more monotonous workouts.. 5 awesome ways to end the boredom

    By Sanjukta Sen on August, 16 2016

    The average number of days people stop going to their gym after signing up is less than 90 days. Putting your body through the stress of working out is hard enough without adding a stale boring workout routine to destroy your motivation. Let’s face it a lot of people find exercise boring. E...


  • Six Sleep Myths that need to be busted

    By Sanjukta Sen on April, 25 2016

    Sleeping is a key part of staying healthy, but many people aren't getting enough or are having too much. Find out which sleep myths might be preventing you from getting a better night's sleep. To make every minute of sleep count, do not abide by these sleep myths. Myth 1. Falling a...


  • Good sleep, exercise can cut stroke risk

    By Sanjukta Sen on February, 24 2016

    Getting the perfect amount of rest and exercising a few times each week can altogether cut the danger of stroke, proposes a study. The scientists from the New York University found that a normal rest of seven to eight hours and fiery comfortable action or exercise of 30 to an hou...


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