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  • There is always a Better Way

    By News Helpline on April, 20 2012

    Today, while searching for some nice stories i landed up in a blog called My Life Mantras by Mr. Ashtosh Prajapati. I spent almost 2-3 hours reading his blog as it is full of beautiful stories and motivational stuff. I am not sure if he is a writer himself or he is got an eye for all good things and...


  • The Sunny Leone Effect on Indian Politics

    By News Helpline on April, 18 2012

    Friends very recently i came across an article by Gayatry Sankar, on the most talked about Sunny Leone and her effect on Indian Politics. But before presenting this artcle to you i have penned down some of my thoughts which i think you should read and comapre it seriously with the Sunny Leone articl...


  • Opening The Wagah Border

    By News Helpline on April, 16 2012

    Opening the Wagah Border is an article by Prerna Surie, but before you start reading the article plesae go through my(editor's) thoughts and views as well...... Shahrukh Khan and his detainment at New York airport is the most talked about issues since last few days. In fact all of us in our hear...


  • Ghalib the Terrorist

    By News Helpline on April, 15 2012

    Before the article, few words from the Editor..... "Tum Mujhe Khoon Do, Mai Tumhe Azadi Doonga." Do these words remind you of a terrorist, as it speaks about blood and all. No...because we very well know that these are the words spoken by our great freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose. Mere presenc...


  • The NRI Dillemma - To return or not !

    By News Helpline on April, 12 2012

    All of us must have heard this song "Chitthi aayi hai, aayi hai chitthi ayi hai. Bade dino ke baad hum bewatno ko yaad WATAN KI MITTI aayi hai". Infact there are two school of thoughts among NRIs. and writer of this article Mr. Chetan Dhruve has given a very nice, simple and sweet solution to the p...


  • Management mythos: What Ramayana tells about seduction as tool of marketing

    By News Helpline on April, 10 2012

    People, they are everywhere around you. some good, some ba...umm...better, some naughty some serious, some logical, some illogical, some smart and some intellectual, i mean you are evry moment surrounded by so many views, physically or in today's date virtually. Isnt that interesting? of co...


  • The Omnipresent Pedestrian

    By News Helpline on April, 10 2012

    "Jahan daal daal par sone ki chidiya karti hai basera, Woh Bharat Dessh hai mera" this song by lyricist Rajinder Krishan is no less than a National Anthem. India with such rich Heritage, such rich Culture, so many religions, so many diversities, its world famous Yoga, and the presence of Spiritu...


  • Folk Songs - Gone With the Wind

    By News Helpline on April, 09 2012

    "Chalat Musafir Moh Liya Re Pinjarewali Muniya" to "Munni Badnam Hui" Music industry has seen it all. The journy of Muniya to Munni continues to deteriorate further and secially in the Regional music. The soul of folk music is disappearing day by day. Infact this deterioration has started long ...


  • "We Got to Make the Morning Last"

    By News Helpline on April, 08 2012

    Slow down, you move too fast. You got to make the morning last. Just kicking down the cobble stones. Looking for fun and feelin' groovy. Ba da, Ba da, Ba da, Ba da...Feelin' Groovy. These are the lines which made Mr. Tony Schwartz utter these words “Am I nuts? Why can't I...


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