Tue, 19 Nov, 2019
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  • A Little Concern..

    By on August, 19 2012

    Travelling by train is the easiest mode in Mumbai but sometimes for me it seems to be the most difficult – on my conscience. In the train and in the station there are lots of little kids wait to ask commuters for alms. They sit in the middle of the way with a new born child. I don’t know...


  • A Man with a Magic Lantern

    By on August, 16 2012

    When the situation demanded, he could provoke you; maybe even hurt you, as he did in Bandit Queen. All along, he could create a magic, in his own way. Ashok Mehta the eminent cinematographer lost a prolonged battle with lung cancer at a Mumbai hospital on Wednesday. He started his career as a lowly ...


  • Oxygenate your brain...

    By on August, 11 2012

    Many a times I make an attempt to sit in front of the TV to watch some serials just out of curiosity. But believe me after a rigorous job of watching these highly overrated soaps, I was left with nothing but prefer to sit lazy than watching the most senseless thing that has ever happened to Indian t...


  • Timeless beauties in 100 years

    By on August, 08 2012

    Believe me it’s not an easy task to keep thinking for new ideas. But I love to write and whatever I write it’s just what I speak my mind. This year, Hindi cinema completes a century; 100 years of entertaining, A long journey from Satyavaadi Raja Harish Chandra to Dirty Picture. So today ...


  • Mind your Language !!

    By on August, 07 2012

    Yesterday I went to a local shop to buy some grocery along with my kid and I found a man (in well dressed and probably coming back from office) was having an argument with the shopkeeper. Suddenly he blurted out a word as an expression of immediate disgust which is quite abusive. While standing ther...


  • Chala Jata hoo Kisike dhoon Mein

    By on August, 04 2012

    “For me singing is the first priority after which comes music and thereafter maybe acting. I believe acting is all make believe while music touches the heart of the listeners” These lines came from a great singer in our country who was born eighty three years ago on this day. A singer, ...


  • To See or Not to See!!

    By on August, 02 2012

    She has got the oomph, she has got the looks, she can set your heart on fire and send chills down your spine, and she is none other than seductress beauty Sunny Leone the Canadian pornographic actress, who is recent talk of the town for her tomorrow going to release movie Jism 2. After seeing the p...


  • A Bond of Love

    By on August, 01 2012

    “Yenabaddho Baleeraja Daanavendro Mahabalaha Thethathwa Mabhi Badhnami Rakshamachala Maachala” “On the request of all the Gods,Lord Vishnutied up the strong and powerful Demon King Bali with his strength. I am tying the power of the Vishnu Shakti, in the form of Raksha, on to your...


  • Mumbai: City Of Love and hate!!

    By on July, 31 2012

    Mumbai: A City where everything is possible, especially the impossible; a city that never sleeps. A city that is full of life, contrasts, glitter and glamour. Considered as one of the busiest city but still not having a good infrastructure like others. Here you can see everyone’s in hurry; eve...


  • Bollywood, Then and Now

    By on July, 30 2012

    Today on 31st july, the death anniversary of the legendary singer Mohd. Rafi sahib, lets talk about our Indian cinema as its celebrating its 100th year. Where does Bollywood leading after 100 years? I am sure you remember the great song of Rafi sahab from Mughal-e-Azam – “ Zindabad Zind...


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