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  • To love till it hurts ?

    By on November, 29 2012

    It’s that time of the year when everyone remembers their so-called “loved ones.” They equip them with mementos, gifts, christmas parties – all in celebration of their love for one another. But, it’s only fleeting. Just a few weeks of joy, mirth, and gaiety. But isn&...


  • "India Is My Country" is it so?

    By on November, 26 2012

    "India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters. I love my country and I am proud of its rich and varied heritage. I shall always strive to be worthy of it. I shall give my parents, teachers and all elders respect and treat everyone with courtesy. To my country and my people, I ...


  • आखिर तुम कहाँ हो मेरे राम ?

    By on November, 13 2012

    देवेन्द्रपाण्डेय की इस कविता के साथ आप सबकोदीपावलीबहुत बहुत मुबारक... -- Bollywood Helpline Team -- सुना है राम कि तुमने मारा था...


  • The war that did not take place

    By on November, 10 2012

    Obama has not become soft on Iran. He will not allow Iran to become a nuclear power . But he will not send American troops to premature war just because Netanyahu wants one. अगर गलती से डेमोक्रेट्स ने जोर-शोर से यह प्रचारà¤...


  • शालीन केजरीवाल और अहंकारी...

    By on November, 10 2012

    यह अरविंद केजरीवाल की बड़ी उपलब्धि है कि उन्होंने शीर्ष स्तर पर होने वाले भ्रष्टाचार को अपने निशाने पर लिया है. सामà¤...


  • Celebrate your husbands homecoming as you do Lord Rama's

    By on November, 10 2012

    It's Diwali time!!! And while I was immersed in the preparation and festivities, I suddenly realised that what we are celebrating and the way we are celebrating could easily be a life changing, family dynamic changing module if applied to everyday living. Traditionally, this is a time when Lord ...


  • मीडिया को अपनी लक्ष्मण रेखा का अहसास नहीं है! - हरिवंश

    By on October, 27 2012

    पहले2 जी प्रकरण और अब जिंदल और zee न्यूज़ के विवाद ने निसंदेहलोकतंत्र का चौथा स्तंभ कहे जाने वाले मीडियाके प्रति लोगो à...


  • मुझे रावण जैसा भाई चाहिए

    By on October, 26 2012

    दशहरा आने वाला थामैंनेसोचा कुछ लिखू, कुछ कहूँपरदशहरा आया औरगया, देश के कोने कोने में रावण फूंके गये पर मैं कुछ नहीà¤...


  • So many unfinished stories

    By on October, 21 2012

    पेरिस में 10 दिन गुजारने के बाद जब भारत लौटा तो मैंने पाया कि देश में मीडिया का सुर कुछ और तेज हो गया है. हालांकि यूपीà¤...


  • An Untold Love Story..

    By on October, 10 2012

    There is a King with his trademark deep baritone voice, the tall, brooding persona, and intense eyes ,there is a queen who is truly an enigma; a romance with beauty, and their untold love story. All the stories in this world, they say, have already been told. Except this one, the 'love story...


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